Helpful Hints for Catch Basin Cleaning

What are catch basins?

Did you know that the purpose of catch basins is to collect trash and other debris from entering into a drainage system? Having catch basins, also known as storm drains, cleaned on a regular basis is important due to the fact that they help prevent and significantly limit the amount of pollutants that enter into the storm sewer. 

With the threat of such emergencies it is important to have a plumbing company that you can count on. At Cloud 9 Services Inc. in Orlando, Florida, we are the ultimate professional underground utility contractor. We are available to handle everything from a catch basin cleaning, to a lift station maintenance and repair, drain cleaning, catch basin drainage, etc.

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Determine a Schedule

Preventative maintenance should be performed on a reoccurring monthly or annual basis. Possibly more frequently for known trouble spots and during certain times of the year. Cleaning is also recommended after leaves have fallen off the trees and during the rainy seasons when storm water runoff is more frequent.

To determine how much material has accumulated in the storage area of your catch basin, insert a long pipe or broomstick into the storm grate. Pay attention to where the pipe or stick hits the debris ad continue to the bottom to estimate the depth of accumulation.

To determine what cleaning schedule is right for you reach out to Cloud 9 Services to get a quote or schedule and inspection.

Types of Cleaners

When using a combination sewer cleaner or a dedicated catch basin cleaner to vacuum the debris out of the catch basin, high pressure water can also be used to thoroughly clean the sides and bottom of the catch basin. These versatile machines scour pipes clean then vacuum up the material causing blockages to be restored and maintain normal sewer flow.

Dedicated catch basin cleaners and combination sewer cleaners generally feature longer debris tanks, longer water carrying capacity, and longer boom reach than other solutions.

By following a few simple guidelines, the general public and local residents can help ensure catch basins in their communities function properly.​​

  • Clean up any grass clippings, leaves, dirt or fertilizer left on driveways and sidewalks after performing yard work. Housing or blowing these materials into the street end up in the catch basin and storm drain, and eventually into local waterways.

  • Don't dump chemicals, motor oil, pet waste, empty bottles or cans, soapy water, or other liquids or solids down a catch basin or storm drain.

  • Contact your public works department if you notice standing water near a catch basin or storm drain after rainfall, or if you notice a clogged or damaged catch basin.

Even if you do everything to keep your catch basin clean it still requires maintenance to keep it at it's peak performance capabilities. When you need to schedule your routine service or if it's your first time contact us at Cloud 9 Services Inc., we are the leading company that specializes in underground drain cleaning in Orlando, Florida because of our advanced techniques and dedication to our customers!

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How you can help to maintain your catch basin

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