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CIPP Liner and Pipe Relining Services

Searching for CIPP and Pipe Relining cleaning, repair, and restoration services companies for the Orlando area or just looking for more information on CIPP and Pipe Relining cleaning, repair or restoration services in Orlando. We've got it all here for you. Cloud 9 services, offers both commercial and industrial CIPP and Pipe Relining services.

CIPP and Pipe Relining Services in Orlando

CIPP lining, or cured in place pipe lining, is a method of pipe restoration used in existing pipe repair. This process is done to preserve current pipes that have been damaged by leaks, cracks, intruding roots, and rust. It increases the lifespan of a pipe system while also possibly preserving building structures and causing little to no damage to property. Cloud 9 Services, Inc. is a leader in the Orlando, Florida area providing its customers with cured in place pipe repair. 


The cured in place pipe liners are made of tubular layers. They are non-woven felt with an exterior polyurethane coat. A CIPP wet out is when the resign mixture is saturated into the felt. The felt then acts as a resin carrier adding flexibility to the liner. Once the wet out is completed, the CIPP is moved to the installation site. When the cured in place pipe liner has arrived, it is positioned into the host pipe. Then, the cured in place pipe liner is fully inflated by water or air pressure. Once completed, the tube cures in place.  

CIPP Liner Installation in Orlando 


We inspect the pipe-lines with a self- working, HD sewer video camera. This allows us to not only measure the pipe but also see the extent of the damage. After the inspection is completed, we create an action plan to repair all pipe problems. After the pipe is cleaned we line the pipe. We pull a new CIPP liner in place and saturate it with an epoxy cure. The liner will then inflate causing the pipe to cure in place. 


The end result is the creation of a strong, smooth, and seamless pipe within a pipe. Our trenchless pipe repair technicians are experts at creating pipes that are built to stand the test of time. The epoxy resin coating applied to the pipe system provides a damp-proof, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and noncorrosive lining. This lining ensures that the system is completely protected and strengthened to last for decades. On average, a trenchless pipe can last up to 100 years. 

CIPP and pipe relining services orlando
CIPP and pipe relining services orlando

CIPP Lining Restoration in Orlando

Fixing damaged pipes the traditional way can turn into a costly and time-consuming project. However, sewer pipe relining has become the preferred method because. This method is so effective because you do not have to replace your sewer lines or completely destroy the area around them. Once the repair is completed, the new pipe has the ability to last up to 100 years. As previously mentioned trenchless pipe repair is the preferred method used to rehabilitate and restore damaged pipes. It is so popular because it requires zero excavation. As all underground utility projects, this repair service varies by size and location.


CIPP and pipe relining services orlando

Traditional digging can be affordable if a small section of damaged pipes were close to the surface and can be easily dug up and repaired. However, on a larger scale, epoxy can be the best choice when it comes to saving money, land, and the overall pipe system. Having a video pipe inspection can help you determine which method is right for the repair needed. The cost of cured in place pipe lining installation varies on an individual basis. Some determining factors are; pipe size, how much cleaning the pipe needs, and the difficulty to access the pipe. Regardless, cured in place pipe repair is more affordable than traditional sewer line repair.

Benefits of CIPP Lining in Orlando

  • Eco-friendly

  • Zero digging

  • Cost effective

  • Minimal clean-up

  • Versatile

  • Non-destructive

  • Durable

  • Lasts for decades

cipp lining services in orlando

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