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Commercial Lift Station

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Commercial Lift Station Repairs

Commercial Lift Station Maintenance, Repair & Installation Services–


At Cloud 9 Services LLC in the Florida, we specialize in lift station maintenance, repairs, and installation. Lift stations are used to lift any type of sewage from a building up into a sanitary sewer where the sewage is then treated. While these systems are advantageous for many property owners, problems gone unnoticed or not taken care of promptly can quickly turn into a larger sewage issue. In order for our clients to know when they have a problem with their lift station, we are able to offer information and proper care instructions to our clients.

The first bit of advice that we give to our clients with lift stations involves getting to know what type of lift station they have. There are two basic pumps that come with a lift station: a sewage pump and a grinder pump. One problem many property owners encounter is when the sewage pump of their commercial lift station becomes clogged and stops working efficiently. Although grinder pumps are less prone to clogging, clogged lift station pumps are one problem that commercial property owners should be aware of. If you have a sewage pump as part of your lift station, avoid allowing large solids such as diapers and sanitary napkins to go through this pump. This will prevent large problems from occurring within your lift station.

If you have a commercial lift station, we recommend that you have maintenance performed on your system regularly. If your require lift station maintenance or you encounter a problem that requires commercial lift station repair, the experts at Cloud 9 Services LLC are available to assist you at any time of the day or night, so contact us anytime.

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Grinder Pump Maintenance

Commercial Lift Station Services

A grinder pump is a submersible pump that collects wastewater from a building, grinds up the solids, and pumps it to the sewer system through small-diameter pipes. Everything that goes down your toilets winds up going into the lift station system and when the water reaches a certain level the grinder pump will turn on automatically.

With this in mind it is important to not dump anything into this system that isn't supposed to be there. Such as paper towels, feminine products, personal cleaning wipes, etc. All of those products should be disposed of in the garbage in order to maintain the grinder pump health and keep the grinder pump working properly.

How to tell if your grinder pump isn't working

Most lift stations have alarms that will go off when certain things are damaged or not working inside of it, a grinder pump is one of those things. If your grinder pump alarm is going off it is important to get that issue taken care of in order to prevent the whole lift station system from becoming damaged. Our licensed and certified technicians can help you with all your lift station needs, including grinder pump removal and cleaning. Our technicians will remove the grinder pump, clear all the gunk that is clogging the pump, clean the lift station, and place the grinder pump back inside. If you are in need of this service reach out to us, 407-481-2750, and one of our staff will assist you.

Hire a Professional Commercial Lift Station Repair Company Today

At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are equipped to handle all your commercial lift station needs.

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends


Commercial Lift Station Services

What is a lift Station for sewage commercial?

When it comes to commercial lift stations, wastewater lift stations are meant to pump wastewater from a low level to a higher level. It pumps waste from point A to point B.

All commercial lift stations rely on electricity to get the flow going. Utilities need these systems tin order to pump wastewater and sewage through different terrains.

This system is essential in commercial businesses that are made up of a pump, electrical parts and valves. One of the most important aspects of lift stations is that with improper maintenance and inspections they are made to withstand constant use. In fact, a lift station can last 20 years.

Commercial Lift Station Maintenance

Our Technicians are equipped to handle all of the service and repair needs of commercial lift stations.

Our commercial lift station maintenance service include :

  • Clearing of grease, grit, and debris

  • Inflow/infiltration assessment

  • Testing of check valves and pressure gauges

  • Float Rising

  • Removal of soap accumulation

  • ​General Cleaning

  • Testing System cycling

  • Reading accuracy checks

  • Grease control

  • Removal of grease build-up

Commercial Lift Station Maintenance Tips

Commercial lift stations are under constant physical stress, and the corrosive environment requires constant maintenance and repair. There is, however, a point where they need to be rebuilt with wholesale equipment replacement. On average that is about every 15 to 25 years. For larger capacity pumps it is recommended to rebuild one pump at a minimum of every 2 years. Performance of routine preventative maintenance can save the station's owner from costly repair bills. The following are suggestions that may ensure fewer breakdowns and problems :

Top 10 Recommendations :

1. Always make sure the pumps and electronics are de-energized before coming in contact with them to ensure you complete safety.

2. Wet wells should be pumped out and cleaned at least twice a year, or more often if necessary, to prevent solids and grease build-up. The build-up of solids can create gases that can damage the pump, or sink and get caught in the impeller.

3. Inspection of submersible pumps should be performed quarterly. Inspection of the impeller should be performed quarterly or when motor hours are not within specifications. The inspections would assure that the impeller is free of debris or any other clogging material.

4. Inspection and greasing of the check valves should be performed at least twice a year to ensure proper working order and to prevent back-flow from the force main to the wet well.

5. Cleaning and inspections of floats four times a year assure proper performance. The buildup of grease prevents floats from working properly.

6. Inspection of the light and alarm systems should be performed weekly. An alarm system in working order can alert you to problems immediately.

7. Installation of an hour meter on each motor will give you an accurate record of how often each motor is cycling; and hence, the amount of water being pumped through the system. A logbook of motor hours, dates and maintenance performed should be kept.

8. Amp readings should be taken at least once a month on each station motor. If the amp readings do not meet the manufacturer's specifications, it is an indication that debris is lodged in the propeller within the motor, or that water has entered the motor housing or the wiring.

9. An inspection of all electrical motor control equipment to find poor connections and worn parts should be performed semi-annually.

10.  Inspection and cleaning of the basin, clean-outs and covers should be performed to prevent build-up. In high corrosion prone environments, all moving part should be operated and greased if necessary to ensure mechanical components are not at risk of failure. Good records can assist in every aspect of a maintenance if there is good record keeping record keeping you can instantly determine a problem with the system in some cases. For instance, steadily increasing amp draw or the hours of operation is steadily increasing on one pump and not the other. Records are needed to prove that the system is operating properly and can assist in determining if any future maintenance is required.

Hire a Professional Commercial Lift Station Repair Company Today

At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are equipped to handle all your commercial lift station needs.

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends


Commercial Lift Station Services

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