Cross Bore Locating and Inspection Services in West Melbourne

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Searching for cross bore locating services companies for the West Melbourne area or just looking for more information on cross bore locating services in West Melbourne got it all here for you, Cloud 9 Services offers incredible commercial and industrial services.

Cross Bore Services in West Melbourne

They are two words no contractor or municipal engineer wants to hear : cross bore. A cross bore is what happens when one underground utility intersects another. Most worrying is when a gas line punches through a sewer main or lateral. Cross bore risk has risen with the use of trenchless technologies like horizontal directional drilling, because the operator can’t physically see what’s in the immediate vicinity of the drill bit.

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Cross bore locating and inspecting services west melbourne
Cross bore locating and inspecting services west melbourne
Cross bore locating and inspecting services west melbourne

"Even ONE is a concern"

Left untouched, a cross bore isn’t a danger on its own. But over a period of years, sediment can build up around the intruder and block the sewer line. When a contractor tries to clear it, trouble can ensue.

And that trouble can be of the worst kind. In June 2012, a plumber punctured a gas line while attempting to clear a blocked sewer lateral at a home in Indianapolis triggering an explosion that levelled the house. Fortunately, everyone inside made it out in time and there were no injuries. I would say there neighbors were NOT HAPPY! 

GAS LINE Explosion

Due to a CROSS BORING pipe

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Can Cross Boring be Prevented?

can cross boring be prevented

Bonnie, Great question

YES 100% it can be prevented. Cloud 9 has been preventing cross boring pipes in Central FL, for 20+ years. A quick video pipe inspection will give the boring company the location, depth and the size of the crossing pipes. 

Cross Bore Locating

Cross bore locating and inspecting services west melbourne
Cross bore locating and inspecting services west melbourne

When cross bores exist in a sanitary sewer or storm drain system, it presents a tremendously hazardous situation. Cloud 9 Services is able to quickly locate cross bores through a combination of CCTV inspection cameras of mainline pipes, sewer service lines and with highly accurate GPS data collection. 

Trenchless technologies (moles, plows, horizontal directional drilling, etc.) have been utilized since the 1970s to bore natural gas lines in the United States. On the surface, natural gas line boring seems non-invasive. However, in reality, boring equipment is manufactured to penetrate almost anything in its path. 

laterals and storm drain lines are often times in the path of the bore. A cross bore is defined as an intersection of an existing underground utility or underground structure by a second utility resulting in the direct contact between the transactions of the utilities that compromises the integrity of either utility or underground structure.

RAISING Cross Boring Awareness

Construction activity continues to increase across the country, underscoring the need for steadfast dedication to prevent damages to underground facilities. Cross bores, or intersections of existing underground utilities by a second utility during installation, are enduring problems carrying potentially disastrous consequences. When analyzing the underlying causes of cross bores, as well as alternative ways to address and reduce them, a lack of consistency and clarity is evident among the key stakeholders.

Close working relationships between contractors and their customers in the gas distribution industry can go a long way to reduce cross bores. However, further action is needed by gas utilities, local and state governmental agencies, as well as the federal government to ultimately turn the reduction of cross bores in to total prevention.


We at Cloud 9 Services believes the following practices and actions will collectively help raise awareness and prevent cross bore scenarios and facility damages across the country.

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