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Searching for potholing / daylighting excavation services companies in the Orlando area or just looking for more information on potholing / daylighting excavation services in Orlando. We've got it all here for you, Cloud 9 Services offers incredible commercial and industrial potholing / daylighting excavation services.

Potholing for Utilities Services in Orlando

Potholing for utilities also known as daylighting excavation. This term is the process of safely exposing underground utility lines and pipes to obtain a visual confirmation of its infrastructure. Using a hydro excavation truck we're able to quickly and safely removes the debris to locate and expose the pipes and or utility lines. In return this method can help make excavation safer and more cost effective.


In the past, utility lines and pipes were exposed by hand digging, which is a very slow process and places the worker at risk if he/she should accidentally hit a power line with a shovel. Sometimes a backhoe was also used, but the backhoe method is huge risk. This can easily damage lines and wires.

Damaging underground utilities in Orlando

Damaging underground utilities can be very expensive. Not only downtime and potential fines or fees from contractors. The unnecessary or extra work now that needs to be done just to get back where you started. All of this can easily be avoided.


The hydro and the air pressure doesn't damage any existing utilities like heavy equipment could. In fact, the hydro excavation process allow us to maneuver around the existing utilities giving us a clear view of what there.

The vacuum excavator works in a wide variety of soils and conditions such as clay, rocky substrate and frozen ground. It exposes the pipes and utilities by using a combination of Air & Water Pressure. It then sucks up the slurry debris material utilizing a large attached hose.


Our hydro excavation trucks, tank stores the slurry debris and hauls it away for later disposal. Searching for potholing companies or more information about potholing services, please contact us at Cloud 9 Services, LLC, and one of our pipe inspectors will be happy to assist you.

potholing/daylighting excavation services orlando
potholing/daylighting excavation services orlando
potholing/daylighting excavation services orlando

What is Utility Potholing in Orlando?

Utility potholing or day lighting uses a hydro excavation truck instead of a backhoe or a shovel to find underground utilities. In return offers a fast and safe way to obtain visual of the underground pipes or utilities. This less invasive technique loosen the soils so it can be easily extracted. Allow it through an vacuum hose which transports it to a debris tank for later disposal or back filling. 

Why not use a digital locator instead of potholing

While digital locators have become more and more accurate. It's really important to see exactly where the lines are. Contractors are not allow to just dig in a safe zone, which could be 18 inches to 3 feet from either side. Every state has there own requirements for a safe zone. These requirement still include a non destructive method to dig it. So, you could dig it by hand or use a hydro excavator. 

Is potholing worth it in Orlando

YES, hands down! Hitting a gas line or utility pipe with a backhoe, trencher or a horizontal directional drill could be catastrophic. Think about it, If you hit a water line that feeds in to a hospital. It could be down for hours or even days. You or your company wouldn't want to be responsible for those damages I promise you.


The cost of the damages far exceed the cost for potholing. 

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Hope this help you understands what Potholing or Daylighting excavation is & why it's the safe way to dig. If you are in need of a service please give us a call we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends.


potholing for utilities/daylighting excavation in orlando