Jet Vac Cleaning Helps

Create Clean Water





Jet Vac Cleaning  Helps Create Clean Water

Among all of the incredible services that Cloud 9 offers--the most fascinating one of all is a service that is used to encourage clean water for thousands of people. The county of Pinellas located precisely in Florida--is receiving just that.  Beyond the many amazing things that they provide to the community, this one stands out among many others. Cloud 9 has had this contract with the Florida Department of Transportation for the last 5 years and hopes to provide it for numerous more.

Their Aquatech B-10 jetvac truck is pictured below cleaning out a Cyclonic Debris Separator and returning fresh and accessible water to others surrounding the nearby area. This service is conducted after debris and sediment from the storm water system is collected and needs to be purified. The system will intercept the storm water that is accumulating in the streets of the community. It will then take the water and send it down the gutters and into the storm pipe where the CDS unit collects it.  Afterwards, the Cyclonic Debris Separator cleans the access minerals and sediments from the raw storm water, sending the clean water back into the waterways for correct usage. This storm water cleaning is an amazing and intriguing process in which makes an enormous difference in the area.


After this process is completed, many always wonder what exactly the Cyclonic Debris Separator does, and how it works. A cyclone separator uses a form of inertia called centrifugal force.  After this first takes place, it soon will begin to transfer the water that is filled with dirt and dust through a vertical cylinder. This process takes a moment to complete, yet soon after is converted to the bottom of this device in which is cone-shaped and very easily accessible. The water begins to move very rapidly as it enters the chamber at the top of the cylinder, creating a mini tornado. Soon, this is how the first portion of the process is completed in which is a massive part of the procedure. Afterwards, the next step will begin to insure the entire process is under wraps.


After Cloud 9 continues the method from there, clean water is the fascinating result.

Overall, the waterways have now reached their maximum potential because of the numerous times that this process has been successively preformed.  Pinellas, Florida and the surrounding community have all voiced their opinions on how this process affects them in such an impactful way. Having clean water is a process in which takes time and effort to achieve, but the impact that it has on others is worth a lifetime. Cloud 9 is now actively encouraged for their service that they continue to provide, with considerable pride. The Florida Department of Transportation allows them to take this role on for many years to come, providing the community with the water they rightfully deserve.

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