Parking Lot Drain Cleaning

Keeping up with parking lot drain cleaning is vital to a tidy, functional parking lot. Problems with litter can be unsightly and cause catch basins to clog. Clogged storm drains lead to a parking lot’s worst nightmare, flooding. Maintaining the spotless state of a parking lot can bring in business and help save on repair costs in the long rain.

Avoiding Clogged Storm Drains

Keeping your catch basin or storm drain from clogging is easy and always preventable. You can start by always removing debris and trash from the grates when you see it. Periodically cleaning areas around the drain can ensure that debris won't fall into the drain or be carried in by runoff. Trimming bushes, trees and raking are some examples of preventable actions. Now, be aware that there will be times when things slip through the grates and unwanted build up occurs. Cleaning out your drain using a vacuum truck or by hand regularly can make sure the drain stays clean and clear.

Parking Lot Drain Cleaning

With heavy, unpredictable storms in Central Florida, rainwater collects in parking lots all over the state. Parking lot catch basins are designed to catch this water and debris over time. With extreme rainfall, storm drains can become backed up. Especially when the drains aren’t maintained and cleaned. With continuous flooding, damage to the parking lot and surrounding areas can occur costing thousands in repairs. Owners should do a proper storm drain cleaning at least once a year and twice if there is a large storm.

Parking Lot Catch Basin Cleaning

A catch basin is an underground container with a grate on top that allows water and debris to be collected and prevent flooding. It is very important to avoid flooding in your parking lot which can ruin cars and other structures. Consider the locations of storm drains in the parking lot and how many there are. Is there enough drains to accommodate how often there is flooding during storms? Sinkholes can develop underneath and around storm drains from the sitting water keeping the ground moist. Further flooding issues could be caused by a bent, broken grate or eroding concrete around the basin.

Decorative Catch Basin Grates

Catch basin grates come in a variety of metals, plastics and even different colors. Although we may walk or drive over them without a second thought, catch basin grates serve an important purpose and can even dress up a busy street. Decorative catch basin grates are mostly used in specially curated places like theme parks or gardens. Some cities even have custom designs they use throughout the area to beautify their roads. 

Parking Lot Drainage Solutions

Parking lot slope plays a big role in the areas ability to get rid of excess water. Catch basins should be placed where the sloping happens to maximize drainage. Asphalt curbing can help direct the flow of water off the parking lot and into grassy inlets. This can help the grassy areas stay watered and look nice while easing sprinkler usage. As mentioned before, strategically placed drains will always ensure proper and quick drainage in busy areas of the parking lot.

When a new facility is built, a fresh parking lot is lined and paved to accompany it. However, one of the most vital attributes in a parking lot is often overlooked, and that’s proper drainage. Drainage issues can be avoided if builders take a few steps to consider some parking lot drainage solutions. 

Signs Your Drains Need Help

We all know now that efficient drainage is crucial for the longevity of your parking lot. Collected water can damage asphalt, create problems with the parked cars, and make it hard for pedestrians to get around the area. If pooling water is noticeable, consider the drainage situation around the parking lot. For example, catch basins could be clogged with debris and trash and not catching any water. A sign the surrounding drains aren’t functioning properly is the build up of sand or silt in the road after a rainstorm. This indicates that a nearby storm drain may be clogged.

Implementing A Cleaning Routine

Establishing a cleaning routine for a parking lot is the easiest way to prevent issues with flooding. Assigning some employees to clear the area of trash and debris on a schedule can prevent the build up of litter in the area and minimize the risk of clogging a storm drain. Having your storm drains cleaning with a vacuum truck can ensure all debris and water is removed, leaving the drain to function properly.

Sloped Asphalt Parking Lot

The prevention of a flooded parking lot can be taken all the way to conception or even with a remodel. Pouring asphalt at an angle can help rainwater drain toward catch basins or lower land. If the ground is slanted, water will not pool and create a flooded disaster. The slope helps ths running water drain directly into storm drains with the help of gravity.


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