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Orlando Sinkhole Repair Emergency Service

Sinkholes are just another part of the Florida landscape, and understanding them can help prevent a disaster. They appear as an opening in the earth’s surface and they develop from water erosion under the ground. You will most likely spot one in areas of flowing water. This is why water erosion is the most common cause of sinkholes forming.

Water flow from rain can cause a sinkhole, also poorly constructed sewer systems and pipelines can be a culprit. Usually it takes a longtime for a sinkhole to form, but their development underneath the surface is not easy to detect.

Some types of soil and rock are more prone to sinkholes. Limestone is geologically weak sub-structure in Florida, also caronate rocks, salt beds, and clay soils are more susceptible.

Sinkholes can be deep and dangerous, and some may be really shallow. If you see cracks from interior joints in your house such as windows and doors, this is a sign of a sinkhole. Also cracks will start to form and spread around your foundation, whether it is block or poured. If you see circular patches of dead grass on your yard form you need to contact an Orlando sinkhole repair technician. Act now and call Cloud 9 Services, Inc.

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We are available 24 hours a day, and are Florida state certified, licensed, and insured! Make sure to ask about our FREE ESTIMATE!

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