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Collapsed Orlando Sewer Line Repair

Several types of untreated sewer line problems can lead to a collapsed sewer line. Off set pipe joints, shrub root incursion, and aging Orangeburg pipes can cause loss of structural integrity if left untreated. This will eventually lead to the soil above collapsing into the line blocking the flow of waste water. Usually once a pipe has collapsed it has to be repaired to restore flow.

An underline cause of sewer pipes collapsing can be attributed to tree root incursion. The roots weaken the pipe walls; they seek out water and warmth provided by the sewer line. As the roots grow they weaken the joint allowing the waste water to escape. The escaped waste water around the sewer pipe will erode resulting in a collapse.

Orlando Sewer line repair Cloud 9

Also offset and misaligned pipes will allow sewer waste water to escape. This will also cause erosion around the pipeline leading to a collapse. Another less obvious culprit can be Orangeburg pipes which were manufactured during WW2; metal was scarce and diverted towards the war effort. Orangeburg is made up of compressed tar paper and was a great alternative at the time. After decades of use, the pipe starts to degrade because of the natural elements. Moisture will cause the pipe walls to collapse leading to an Orlando sewer pipe repair.

If you are experiencing any of these problems and are needing an Orlando sewer pipe line repair call Cloud 9 Services, LLC, (407) 481-2750! We are available 24 hours a day, and are Florida state certified, licensed, and insured!

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