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Sanitary Sewer Pipeline Trenchless Rehabilitation

The nations underground municipal sewer infrastructure has been rapidly deteriorating for decades. Neglecting proper sewer maintenance has left thousands of miles of vulnerable pipeline needing to be repaired. Engineers faced a challenge on how to rehabilitate the sewer lines efficiently and economically. The sewer rehabilitation also had to be a minimal disruption for the general public and surrounding businesses. New pipeline rehabilitation technology was critically needed to address this problem.

A solution was found, and today it is known as trench less sewer pipe relining. This method of sewer line replacement is also referred to as “No Dig”. Hence no digging at all is needed, and is mostly performed from existing access points. These access points for example can be manholes or clean outs. Trench less sewer pipe relining saves customers time and money by eliminating man power needed for a normal pipeline excavation.

The process used is called cured in place pipe, or “CIPP” for short. The CIPP process involves putting a new liner inside of the existing sanitary sewer pipe. The sewer pipe repair starts off with clearing the line of any debris using hydro jetting. Next a new epoxy coated liner is blown into place using high pressure air. Then a bladder is inserted into the pipeline and inflated with high pressure steam. The steam will allow the bladder to cure in place over the next couple of hours. Once the liner is cured, the bladder is then removed. The result is a new pipe within the old pipe which will last for decades.

If you are in the Orlando area and are in the need of a sanitary sewer pipeline trenchless rehabilitation; act now and call Cloud 9 Services, LLC, (407) 481-2750! We are available 24 hours a day, and are Florida state certified, licensed, and insured!

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