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Sinkholes Are Another Part Of The Florida Landscape!

Most sinkholes in the Orlando Florida area are formed naturally. Sinkholes are as common in the Florida landscape just like swaying palm trees and the ferocious alligator. Things that can trigger them are heavy downpours, a long drought followed by torrential rainfall, and tropical storms/hurricanes. However sinkholes can also be caused by some human activity most likely in newly developed areas of the state.

It may seem that sinkholes are more common, but the truth is the hazards have always been their covered by natures terrain. Blasting from construction, well drilling, creating landfills, and excavating land for residential and commercial use can uncover a hidden hazard. Also in the winter time commercial heavy pumping of groundwater is used to spray orange and strawberries groves. Spraying water on these fruits prevents them from getting damaged during freezing temperatures.

The reason for your sink hole is the limestone underneath your building’s foundation. Once infiltrated by rain or ground water the limestone acts like a sponge. The limestone has holes in it and is very soft. Once the ground shifts and the sinkhole forms the top heavy terrain will cave in. If you find yourself in this situation an Orlando sinkhole repair will be needed immediately. Act now and call Cloud 9 Services, Inc. (407) 481-2750! We are available 24 hours a day, and are Florida state certified, licensed, and insured! Make sure to ask about our FREE ESTIMATE!

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