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If Foundation Repair Is Overlooked, a Terrible Tragedy Just Might Happen

Expanding soil and water are the most common causes of foundation damage. Poor roof drainage allows rain water to leak buildings, while faulty sprinkler systems and leaks also enable water to seep inside, causing expanding soil damage.

Swift foundation repair is needed in these situations. The foundation supports a building’s entire structure. When it suffers damage, further problems can appear throughout the entire home. A buckling or cracked foundation can destroy a building’s integrity. Over time, problems get worse, and they could even result in the building collapsing. That would be a devastating tragedy if it happened while it was occupied.

Foundation problems occur on the interior and exterior of a building. Below are 4 warning signs that you need a contractor who specializes in foundation repair:

  1. Separating Walls: The walls separate from the garage and outward doors.

  2. Shifting Walls: You might find that the exterior walls start rotating away from their original position.

  3. Interior Damage: If foundation repair is needed, you’ll typically find that the interior doors become misaligned and no longer shut or open properly. Other signs include distress and cracking in the sheet rock, as well as cracks in the floor.

  4. Exterior Cracks: If the foundation is damaged, you may also notice cracks in the actual foundation where the base of the building begins.

While homeowners can perform a preliminary inspection as described above, a professional foundation repair contractor will uncover underlying issues that need to be attended to.

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