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Hydro-Excavation Services are a Safe and Cost-Effective Solution

Our hydro-excavation services can be used to safely and cost-effectively dig and remove soil from a location. During this process, highly pressurized water coupled with an air vacuum is used to remove soil, so plumbing pipes, sewer lines, poles, and other devices can be installed.

Safety Benefits

Our hydro-excavation services allow soil to be dug and removed in a safer manner than manually shoveling and digging the dirt. This is because this process is non-mechanical and non-destructive. Our employees do not have to use large machinery that could potentially cause accidents, and bystanders are safer because accidents caused in construction zones can be reduced.

Additionally, with our hydro-excavation services, the equipment used for these projects can be positioned a short distance away from the actual excavation area. This minimizes the amount of congestion and traffic at the construction site.

Cost Benefits

Hydro-excavation eliminates the need for complicated traditional excavation methods. Since hydro-excavation is a more accurate process, the chances of potential damage caused to the area’s surrounding pipes, environment, and utilities are lessened. For example, since hydro-excavation is an accurate process, while installing new underground cables, there is less of a chance that water will be able to cause cracks in pipes lying underneath the ground. Because this method results in fewer repairs, the costs of material and labor for restoration jobs after the excavation project is complete are avoided.

If you have an excavation project you need done in the near future, our hydro-excavation services can help you minimize costs and increase safety near the project site. Contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our hydro excavation specialists would be happy to assist you. We are available 24/7 nights and weekends for all your hydro excavation needs.

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