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Ocala Sinkhole Swallows Car

A couple was pulling out of a drive-through Saturday afternoon when the front of their vehicle suddenly dropped. The 81 and 79 year-old got out of their car as fast as they could, and were unhurt. Officials have stated that the sinkhole is about 25 feet deep and 25 feet wide. The sinkhole had ruptured a gas line, and officials had clamped the line after several hours.

Ocala Sinkhole

An Ocala city official said that the limerock underneath the drainage system eroded, causing it to collapse, and form the sinkhole. The sinkhole is on private property, city officials and the vehicle's owner are set to discuss how they are going to remove the car from the large ditch. The official stated that no utilities were in danger, and that the Department of Transportation said the nearby roadway is safe. Barricades were set up around the hole until the vehicle is removed and repairs are done.

Ocala Sinkhole

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