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Sanitary Sewer Overflow Causes Concern for Clear Lake

The City of Orlando Storm-water Section released a Lake Alert earlier this month when a sanitary sewer downtown began to overflow. The alert was issued due to possible elevated fecal coliform counts after a discharge of approximately 100 gallons of sanitary sewer waste. The leak occurred near the intersection of West Gore Street and Woods Avenue. Officials are saying that a breakage in a contractor's bypass hose caused the overflow. Cleanup of the impacted area was performed by the contractor, but warning signs will continue to be placed in Barker Park and Clear Lake Park.

City Storm-water officials will collect bacteria samples on a routine basis until the bacteria counts drop to the acceptable State Water Quality Standards. As a health precaution the City of Orlando has also called for all water contact activities to cease until further notice in the impacted area, including irrigation.

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Orlando Sewer

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