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Sliplining Pipe Repair

Cloud 9 Services, LLC Specializes Slip lining Pipe Repair And Other Commercial Drain Services!

sliplining repair pipeline

Suddenly discovering that you need to replace or repair piping beneath your building can be disheartening. If the problem continues to be ignored it can potentially lead to an even more costly repair. Facing this situation without proper help can trap you in a corner. Fortunately for those in the Central Florida area Cloud 9 Services, LLC is available around the clock seven days a week. If you are a experiencing water or sewer pipe that is leaking or in the need of a major repair then sliplining may be an attractive option. Generally speaking a sliplining repair can be made on any pipeline that is in fairly good condition.

Sliplining is one of the simplest methods of a trenchless pipeline repair. Cloud 9 Services, LLC has the ability to pull a new smaller diameter pipe through the existing line. However before the sliplining repair process starts the pipeline must be inspected. It is important that inside the host of the pipe is smooth and free of any debris. Next the pipeline will be surveyed with a closed circuit camera. Our laser profiling crawler will send back video and data in real time for the technicians to analyze above.

A typical repair time depends entirely on how large the diameter of the pipe is that we are rehabilitating. Another factor to put into consideration is the length and shape of the pipe; for example either if the pipe is straight or curved. It is important that the newly installed pipe in securely firm, and not to rush. For a municipality that has several pipes needing a sliplining repair it could take up to several days to complete. For the most part average residential slipping repairs only take a day or two before completion.

If you would like to schedule this or any other service we offer, please contact us, 407-481-2750. We are available 24/7 nights and weekends for all your sliplining needs.

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