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What is CIPP? What are the benefits of CIPP?

For more than 10 years, Cloud 9 Services has been a leading company for underground utility construction and repair. Throughout the years, we’ve developed and expanded our services.

One of our newest and most popular services is CIPP, also known as cured in pipe lining or trench-less pipe repair.

The CIPP restoration process is one that is economical and a much more efficient alternative to the traditional pipe system replacement.

Our CIPP liners are made with mechanical joint seals and are equipped to completely restore a pipe system without having to dig or remove the pipe. Not only does it make the pipe long lasting and durable but it can also be used for many different pipe materials such cast iron pipes, abs, PVC, HDPE, clay, orangeburg, metal and/or concrete pipes.

Below we explain some of the ways we can conduct CIPP:

Sectional CIPP- A process in which our certified Quick lock installers restore only a section of the pipe. There are many types of damages and at times we can address the issue by fixing the primary source of damage.

Pressure Grouting- With our pressure grouting repair service we are able to fix water leaks in pipes.

As previously stated, CIPP has many benefits but one that stands out is the fact that it is non-destructive. This means residents and other occupants can go about their daily routines. This system creates what we call a pipe inside a pipe. The new pipe has the ability to last anywhere from 50 -100 years.

Cured in place pipe lining is also:

  • Cost Effective

  • Eco-friendly

  • Minimal clean up needed

  • Non destructive

  • Versatile- can be used for different pipes

Watch the video on CIPP below for more information on this service watch the video below and visit CIPP experts at https://www.cloud9service.com/cured-in-place-pipe-cipp-lining

No matter the size of CIPP, our contractors are equipped for all jobs. They are certified quick lock installers and have the experience needed. Contact Cloud 9 Services for a customized plan of action for your pipe repair.

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