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Why does a residential lift station need to be pumped?

Residential lift stations play a vital role in the proper flow of a neighborhood. Residential lift stations pump wastewater from the residential site to a waste processing location. A lift station basically transfers waste from a lower level to a higher one. That is where the word "lift" comes from.

Routine preventive maintenance should be scheduled to repair and replace the valves, pumps, or other electrical equipment.

What is a residential lift station made of?

- Wastewater receiving (wet-well)

- Grinder pump

- Valves

- Motor

- Power supply system

- Alarm system

- Equipment control

- Odor control system

- Ventilation system

Residential lift station equipment is usually installed in an enclosed structure, fenced in from the public. Residential lift stations also vary in size. According to experts they can have a capacity of moving 20 gallons per minute to more than 100,000 gallons per minute.

An important fact about residential lift stations is that they are scheduled to work automatically and do not require constant maintenance and supervision from technicians. However, just like any other electrical equipment vital to the well being of a neighborhood, routing maintenance and observation is recommended. This will aide in the proper function of the pumps and motors and will allow the technician to identify any potential problems.

What does an inspection include?

Residential lift station includes a check of the pumps and motors. There are various things our licensed technicians are looking and listening for. Some of those include unusual noise, vibration, heating, and leaking. The inspector also checks on the alarm system to make sure in case of failure it will alert the manufacturer and/or company in charge of the system.

The technicians also check to see the control panel switches are properly placed as well as verifying that the pump is working how it should.

Experts recommend that residential lift stations are inspected on a weekly basis, but this may vary depending on the size and location of the residential lift station.

For all of your residential lift station needs, make sure to contact Cloud 9 Services for more information, 407-481-2750. We are open 24/7 and always have someone ready to answer your questions about residential lift stations.

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