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Basics Of Lift Station Maintenance

What are the Basics of Lift Station Maintenance?

Costly lift station repairs can be prevented with frequent lift station maintenance. One of the best ways to ensure the equipment continues to work properly is with lift station cleaning and lift station maintenance. Depending on your location, monthly maintenance checks may be mandatory in order to prevent backups and buildups.

It is common that certain types of materials collect in lift stations. Some of the most common materials to get stuck are things such as oil, grease and other waste material. Some of this material ends up collecting because at times the filter can’t strain them.

Overtime if not filtered properly, the buildup can damage the equipment.

Hence why lift station maintenance is vital to its longevity.

This is why lift station maintenance is vital to its longevity. Below we will share a list of maintenance tips from the City of Orlando.

1. Wet wells should be pumped out and cleaned at least twice a year, or more often is necessary to prevent solids and grease buildup.

Buildups can not only create odors but they can also damage the pipe.

2. Inspection of submersible pumps should be performed quarterly. Inspection of the impeller should be performed quarterly or when motor hours are not within 10% of each other. The inspections would assure that the impeller is free of debris.

3. Inspection of the check valves should be performed at least twice a year to insure proper working order and to prevent back flow from the force main to the wet well.

4. Cleaning and inspections of floats four times a year assure proper performance. The buildup of grease prevents floats from working properly.

5. Inspection of the light and alarm systems should be performed weekly. An alarm system in working order can alert you to problems immediately.

6. Installation of hour meters on each motor will give one an accurate record of how often each motor is cycling; and hence, the amount of water being pumped through the system. A logbook of motor hours, dates and maintenance performed should be kept.

7. Amp readings should be taken at least once a month on each motor in the on-site lift station. If the amp readings do not meet the manufacturer's specifications, it is an indication that debris is lodged in the propeller within the motor, or that water has entered the motor housing or the wiring.

8. A semi-annual inspection of all electrical motor control equipment to find poor connections and worn parts should be performed.

Our team of lift station maintenance experts always emphasizes the importance of routine checkups and completing the checklist provided by manufacturer as needed. Doing this will extend the life of your lift station. Replacing or repairing a lift station can be costly. However, lift stations that are properly taken care of can last anywhere to about 15 years or more depending on the size, amount of waste, type of waste, and other influencing factors.

If you have any questions about lift station repair or maintenance, give our team at Cloud 9 Services a call, 407-481-2750. We are available 24/7 nights and weekends for all your lift station needs!

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