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What is a "Spill Hawk"?

Wireless Sewer Lift Station Monitoring System Limits Dangerous Raw Sanitary Sewage Spills

A sewage spill is one of the worse things that can happen to a lift station. A sewage spills occur when the pumps in the lift stations fail, the stations then fill with sewage and the sewage flows out of the top of the lift station. To begin with, disease can be spread this way and the costs to clean up the spill are very costly.

We interviewed Rick Fender, the Florida State Certified Plumbing and Underground Utility Contractor for Cloud 9 Services, LLC, in order to learn more about the dangers of sewage spills and the benefits of this new system. Cloud 9 Services, LLC was asked to explain how this lift station monitoring is accomplished, and how this affects everyone.

We asked:

“ What is the main use and purpose of lift stations?”

Rick Fender explains, “Smaller communities, apartments, condominiums and commercial buildings use sewer lift stations to pump the sewer uphill to a central sewer system. Most lift stations in Central Florida are owned and maintained by the government but there are quite a few sewage lift stations that are privately owned and maintained” added Fender.”

In addition he explained that these private lift stations are not monitored remotely and only a light and bell are activated when there is a lift station pump failure and resulting high water level condition. This means that someone must see or hear the alarm and then call a emergency lift station service company such as Cloud 9 Services, LLC to mobilize to the project and service the lift station.

To avoid this type of situation, Cloud 9 Services began using a lift station maintenance and monitoring system called “Spill Hawk”. This one of a kind system provides a pump monitoring telemetry system that gives 24/7 real-time cellular monitoring of a sewer lift station.

The wireless system reports alarms in real-time via text message, email, or computer. It will immediately notify on call technicians as well as any of the customer’s staff of any emergency and non emergency occurrences.

On a monthly basis, the system will also provide the customer with a written report of the extensive historical records of the lift station equipment. The information will include the daily tantalization report for pump on/off cycles, total station flow, counter totals, rain

totals, average GPM and pump amps (if current sensors are used in the existing control panel), pump run times and any events that occurred during the previous month.

Having the “Spill Hawk” installed by Cloud 9 Services, LLC also ensures that our Central Florida team will be on standby for any lift station emergencies.

When Cloud 9 responds to a lift station situation, our team goes equipped with our jet vac trucks. Contact us today, 407-481-2750, if you are in need of this service and one of our lift station experts would be happy to assist you.

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