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Hydro Excavation Benefits for Underground Utilities

When it comes to cleaning underground utilities, hydro excavation is the most efficient. Hydro excavating is just another name for removing dirt, soil and other debris from a location.

At Cloud 9 Services, we use the Aquatech B-10 jet/vac trucks for our excavation services. The Aquatech trucks we have are similar to other jet/vac trucks such as Vector, Guzzler, Camel and others.

The Aquatech uses a positive displacement blower to produce great vacuum on the truck’s debris tank. The tank is connected to a large 8” vacuum hose which is connected to aluminum vacuum tubes.

If the excavated material is wet, such as a sewage spill, drilling mud or wet soil then no additional water is needed to remove it.

However, if the material is dry, water must be added in order for the excavation to work. In this case we use the jet hose and on board water tank to wet the materials as they are vacuumed.

If technicians fail to wet the dry material, it may be blown through the debris tank and into the vacuum blower. This will cause wear and tear as well as premature failure of the blower.

There are many uses for the jet/vac truck performing the hydro-excavations. If you have to repair or replace an underground utility pipe in an area where the surrounding utilities are very close and you are afraid you may damage them, then using a vacuum truck is the best option. This removes all soil from the area without damaging the utilities.

Another use for hydro-excavating is for caisson installations. In a situation where you want to install a deep manhole or wet well in a confined space, you can install the structure using hydro-excavation.

Most of the time, our technicians have to remove the water by means of well-pointing before we can begin excavating. Next, we dig a shallow hole for the first section of precast wet well structure to be placed in. Then we use the water from the truck and the vacuum tubes to remove the soil. As the soil is removed, the precast structure drops evenly into the excavation. We continue to set the successive sections of precast on top and vacuum until the precast is at the correct elevation.

If you have any questions regarding our hydro excavation services, give us a call at

407-481-2750, we are available 24/7 nights and weekends.

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