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Four Warning Signs that Indicate You May Need Foundation Repair

Without the proper foundation, a building will begin to deteriorate and eventually Every building needs a strong foundation. Unfortunately, any building’s foundation can start to break down and deteriorate over time. These four signs indicate that you should call our foundation experts at Cloud 9 Services Inc. as soon as possible for foundation repair.

1. Cracks in the Walls- Are there large, diagonal cracks beginning to show up on the inside walls of your building? This is one of the first signs you will notice if your building needs to have foundation repair done.

2. Shifting Windows and Doors- Doors and windows that won’t shut all the way or are uneven indicate that you need to have foundation repair done. To find out if this is actually an issue and not just a door or window that was installed incorrectly go through your building and open and close each of your windows and doors.

3. Cracks in Exposed Concrete- Keep in mind that small cracks in your building’s exposed concrete base don’t always mean that there is a structural problem. However, these cracks may be one of the first signs that foundation issues are present and should be inspected by us as soon as possible.

4. Standing Water- After it rains, the liquid will not drain properly away from your building if there are issues with your foundation. Although this may also indicate there are problems with your building’s drainage system, lack of drainage after a rainstorm may be a sign that a foundation problem needs to be addressed.

If any of these signs are present in your home or building, it is important that you contact a foundation expert immediately. Together, we can create an action plan to best fix the foundation issue. Contact us today for your foundation repair questions and issues.