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Epoxy Pipe Lining Pros and Cons

Epoxy Pipe Lining Pros and Cons

Trenchless pipe repair is the new start of the art technology for pipe repair. As more people learn about this alternative, they are more open to using this form of pipe rehabilitation.

In order to line and repair the pipe, we use a high strength woven fiber that is impregnated with a special type of epoxy mix. Our plumbing experts then insert the lining into the existing damaged pipe making sure the problem area is being addressed. Once the pipe lining is inserted and cured it will serve as a repair for the damaged, cracked or old pipe. When the new cured in place pipe lining is complete, we will begin a final video pipe inspection.

The epoxy pipe lining place inside provides a corrosion and wear resistant

The coating placed inside the pipe system provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant and non-corrosive lining. Several coats can be applied to the same pipe. This ensures that the system is fully protected and strengthened. The powerful coating enhances the longevity of the pipe. On average, a cured in place pipe is made to last up to 100 years. There are many other pros and cons of epoxy pipe lining so we will break that down below for you.


No digging/minimal digging required

Efficient and faster than traditional digging methods

Can last up to 100 years


Epoxy is permanent, difficult to make changes.

Epoxy is vulnerable to mechanical stress such as cutting and vibration.

Reduction in pipe diameter may not comply with original codes.

Compliance with current building and permitting codes unknown.

For more detailed information on pipe repair contact the professionals here at Cloud 9 Services, LLC, 407-481-2750. We are available 24/7 nights and weekends for all your pipe repair needs.

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