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How to Clean a Storm Drain

How to clean a storm drain is a common concern among property owners. Our team at Cloud 9 Services recommends cleaning a storm drain at least twice a year. Routine maintenance of a storm drain will keep your system draining properly and effective all year round.

If a storm drain stops working, the area is at risk for a potential flood. A storm drain system needs to be working properly at all times in order to ensure a proper flow and to accommodate all the water. A functioning storm drain is essential for every home, building or property.

When our team gets a call for a storm drain cleaning, they follow these steps:

  • When the jet vac operator arrives at the job site, he first evaluates the system and figures out the drain point to see where to begin cleaning first.

  • Open and close manhole covers and gates to access the structure/pipes that need to be cleaned.

  • Technician uses the jet vac truck to clean and hydro jet the structure and pipes. This step removes the sand, trash, debris and water from the system.

  • Debris is then dumped at an approved disposal site.