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What Do Pumping Stations Do?

Pumping stations are used to transport water from one site to another without human assistance, unlike lift stations. No contact with wastewater is necessary with this implementation. They can be useful in many ways such as supplying water to canals, circulating water through treatment systems, and draining water from low lying land. They are also helpful in areas where drainage by plain gravity is not possible.

How do they work?

Pump stations are designed to handle wastewater that is fed from underground gravity pipelines and stored in wet-wells. The wastewater will remain here until it reaches a predetermined level. The pumps then lift wastewater upwards through pressurized pipe system that discards wastewater in a manhole.

Why invest in a pump station?

Although some pump stations can be on the pricey side, they are very functional at delivering the service needed with efficiency. Each station is designed by an expert for it's specific job. This makes sure every machine is unique and will function specifically for its intended job.

Searching for what the difference between lift stations and pump stations are? We've taken it upon ourselves to clear up the confusion with an article.

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