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Broken Pipe Lake Eola Heights

Streets in Orlando were flooded and cars were submerged Monday afternoon after a pipe burst in Lake Eola Heights.

The water burst onto Summerlin Avenue and East Concord Street close to Downtown Orlando, causing the roads to close during rush hour traffic.

Shortly after, our crew at Cloud 9 got a call from Orlando Utility Commission to report the emergency water main break. We dispatched our team and Jet Vac truck right away! Once they got to the flooding site, the team got straight to work to pump the water out and locate the pipe in order for OUC to make the necessary repairs.

According to an OUC spokesperson, the pipe that burst was 80 years old! It seems to have been caused by a pin hole leak. The manufacturer defect caused the pipe to eventually blow up.

Fortunately, clean up and repair was completed and now road repair is underway.

Here are some videos from the water main break.

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