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Cured in Place Point Repair - Emerson Orlando, FL

Cloud 9 Services, LLC was called upon Emerson in order to service a sewer pipe located at Eagle Creek Golf Community in Orlando, FL. We were there in order fix the sewer system problems that Emerson had noticed. Firstly, we had to make sure the pipe was completely empty of gunk, debris, and water. Utilizing our V-55 jet vac our technicians were able to first power vacuum out any of the pipe's contents at first, clean it with the jetter spray nozzle, and then suck out the remaining remnants. Thus leaving behind a clear and clean sewer pipe.

Then utilizing our V-53 camera truck, the camera system was lowered into the pipe and guided along the pipe controlled by a remote. The camera is able to zoom in to capture more detail of the damaged area, as well as rotate 360 degrees to view the whole scope of the pipe. During this time our video technician inspection experts are looking for common issues such as :

Hole in pipeline.
  • Cracks

  • Broken pipes

  • Offset Joints

  • Collapsed pipes

  • Root intrusion

As well as operational issues like :

Leaking joint in pipeline.
  • Sediment accumulation

  • Infiltration and inflow

The technician crawled the length of this 347.4 foot long pipe and discovered a total of 8 cracks/leaking joints that needed to be taken care of.

Cured in Place Point Repair Process

Ordinarily if multiple damages were recorded in different locations along the pipe it would be easier to just reline the whole length of the pipe. However, because of the size of this sewer pipe it was possible to just reline the damaged areas utilizing the same cured in place pipe lining technology, just on a smaller scale.

The process of the repair went as follows :

  1. A confined space certified technician was lowered into the manhole to make placing the liner the specific area easier.

  2. During this time the epoxy resin was mixed up, the felt liner was measured, and then the epoxy resin was poured onto the felt liner in order to coat it.

  3. The epoxy resin soaked liner was wrapped around the expanding tool, this also makes handoff to the confined space technician easier.

  4. The expanding tool was lowered into the sewer pipe to the technician, who then placed it where the first damaged area was.

  5. The technician was pulled out of the sewer pipe and the curing process began. The curing process is done by utilizing high-pressure air and steam in order to expand the liner to conform to the curvature of the pipe system, and then cured it in place.

The curing process took about an hour and then the whole process was repeated 8 times until all the damaged areas were fixed. The best thing about cured in place point repair is that the liner is built to last, this trenchless technology boasts a lifespan of 50+ years. There's also the pro that this method utilizes no-dig technology, meaning you won't have any lengthy repair times, as well as no need to dig up or repair the landscape of the area. This particular project took 2 days, but most times can be done in one day.

Finally, the sewer pipe was then inspected one last time in order to confirm that all problem areas were fixed and that the epoxy resin felt liners were all installed properly.

At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are here for all your video inspection, jet vac cleaning, and cured in place pipe lining needs for your sewer pipe lines. We are available 24/7 nights and weekends whenever we are needed. If you are in need of these services or any other service we offer please contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our technicians would be happy to assist you.

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