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Everything You Need to Know About Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)

What is Cured in Place Pipe Lining?

Cured in place pipe lining, also know as CIPP lining, is a method of trenchless pipe repair restoration used in existing pipe repair. This process is done to preserve the current pipes that have been damaged by leaks, cracks, intruding roots, and rust. It is used to increase the lifespan of a pipe system for up to 100 years while also preserving the building structures and causing little to no damage to the property.

CIPP Lining Process :

By using a pipe relining service that doesn't require any digging it allow customers to have the peace of mind that their property above ground will no be affected. This is because all the pipe lining work will be done below the ground. Before the lining process begins, the CIPP lining contractor will go in with video pipe inspection technology to determine the location of the damage and then will map out a plan to proceed in repairing the pipe.

After finding the location of the damage the following work is done to prepare the pipe for the lining process :

  • Remove roots from the pipe and flush debris from the pipe using a hydrovac, or jet vac cleaning truck.

  • Set up a sewer bypass system, if necessary, to re-route wastewater to other nearby pipes during the lining process.

  • Set up and run a vacuum truck to keep the pipes free of debris and water during the lining process.

After this work is all done, the CIPP lining contractor can finally start the lining process. A high strength woven fiber that is saturated with a special type of epoxy resin mix is used to line the old pipe. The contractor then inserts the lining into the existing damaged pipe, making sure the problem area is being addressed. Once the pipe lining has been inserted all throughout, they will expose the liner to heat, in the form of steam, to cure, or harden, the liner inside of the pipe. The liner then becomes flush with the existing pipe, essentially creating a pipe within a pipe. The contractors will then open and reinstate sewer service lateral connections that were covered by the pipe lining and remove any bypass system they may have set up as well. Finally, when the new pipe lining is settled, it will be inspected one last time by video pipe inspection technology to make sure all the problem areas are covered, and everything is where it should be.

How long does the CIPP lining last?

The epoxy resin coating applied to the pipe system provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant, and non-corrosive lining. This lining ensures that the system is completely protected and strengthened to last for decades. On average, a CIPP lining can last up to 50 years. With average use, the lining will also be protected from root intrusion, cracks, leaks, and other damages associated with underground utilities.

How much does the CIPP lining cost?

The cost of cured in place pipe lining installation varies on an individual basis. Some determining factors are :

  • The size of the pipes themselves

  • How much cleaning the pipe needs

  • The difficulty to access the pipe

At the end of the day however, it is more affordable than traditional pipe repair methods. Contact Cloud 9 Services today, 407-481-2750, to get a quote on your pipe lining job.

Benefits of Cured in Place Pipe Lining :

Trenchless pipe repair has many benefits over traditional methods :

  • Greater Time Efficiency :

Expert professionals can carry out the CIPP lining method in as little as a few hours and bring your pipes back to almost new condition. You get to save time and spend it on what matters most.

  • Cheaper :

Lining pipes saver commercial and industrial properties up to 75% in costs as compared to replacing the old pipe with a new one. The cost of labor goes down as less hours are needed to complete the trenchless process. In upfront cost comparisons the price of traditional repair is less than or equal to that or trenchless repair solutions. However, with traditional pipe repair solutions there are a number of additional costs, when compared with trenchless pipe lining solutions, that can dramatically hike up the price and become a more timely and costly endeavor in the long run.

  • Versatile :

You won't have to worry about your old pipe system made of traditional material such as concrete, cast iron, orangeburg, or clay. CIPP lining technology works for all kinds of pipes and since the lining conforms to the shape and host of the pipe, any shape (oval, rectangular, etc.) can be repaired and restored.

  • Zero-digging :

Trenchless pipe repair is the preferred method because it required zero to no digging. Since the job is completed without having to excavate the property, it will save the property owner time and money.

  • Durable :

The strong epoxy cured coating placed inside the pipe system provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant, and non-corrosive lining. Several coats can be applied to the same pipe, this ensures the system is fully protected and strengthened. On average, this coating is made to last up to 100 years.

The downside of CIPP lining :

On the downside, there are rare occasions when it might already be too late to rehabilitate a pipe system using the trenchless method. The line could become irreversibly damaged and corroded to such a great extent, leaving even the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals to have no choice but to use the traditional method and dig up trenches to replace the pipes. Contact us and one of our experienced contractors can come out, inspect your pipes, and give you your options for repair solutions.

Is CIPP lining worth it?

The simple answer is yes, totally worth it. Fixing damaged pipes the traditional way can turn into a costly and time consuming project based on the length of the pipe, excavation and landscaping costs, how much time the project will take, etc. However, CIPP lining is so effective you don't have to replace your old pipes or completely destroy the area around them. The process usually takes a few hours and has the ability to last up to 50 years.

If you are in need of a CIPP lining service, Cloud 9 Services, LLC is your pipe rehabilitation specialist that can take care of all your pipe repair and relining needs. We have extremely diversified pipeline rehabilitation techniques and we are the leading provider of pipe lining technologies. Contact us today, 407-481-2750, to request more information or schedule a service and one of our CIPP lining contractors would be happy to assist you.

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