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How Do You Stop a Storm Drain From Clogging?

Keeping your storm drain or catch basin from clogging is easy and always preventable. You can start by always removing debris and trash from the grates when you see it. Periodically cleaning areas around the drain can ensure that debris won't fall into the drain or be carried in by runoff. Trimming bushes, trees and raking are some examples of preventable actions. Now, be aware that there will be times when things slip through the grates and unwanted build up occurs. Cleaning out your drain using a vacuum truck or by hand regularly can make sure the drain stays clean and clear.

How Do You Clean a Storm Drain?

When a storm drain isn't properly maintained, it can overflow and cause flooding. Routine drain cleanings can be done to prevent this buildup of debris and trash during the stormy seasons.

How do we do it? Our process is simple and fast:

First, our professional team will come out and open the manhole or grate cover. We inspect for anything too large to vacuum and remove it by hand. If there are clogged pipes, you can request a video pipe inspection as well. Then, a technician will use a hydro jet to blast away any hardened dirt or sludge to loosen it up. A vacuum hose from our jet vac truck is lowered in, and sucks up all debris and liquid inside the grate. Excess mud stuck to the walls of the basin are hosed down again for a cleaner look. Lastly, the grate or manhole is closed.

Finding Trustworthy, Professional Services

It can be difficult to locate the right company to meet your storm drain maintenance needs. You can spend hours scrolling on search engines and reading numerous mixed reviews. Here at Cloud 9 Services, Inc., we've had years to perfect our skill and practice our craft. Nobody in Central Florida performs jet vac cleaning and sewer inspection like we do. Contact us, 407-481-2750, and get your drain cleaned today!

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