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How to Repair a Cast-Iron Pipe

A cast-iron pipe can be a sturdy, long-lasting, and essential part of a plumbing system. Sometimes these pipes can chip, corrode, and sustain damage from clogs. The good news is that cast-iron pipes can be repaired. Some jobs require minor fixes but a professional should be contacted when a pipe repair is needed.

Working with Cast-Iron Pipes

When working with cast-iron, understand that the pipe is very heavy and must be held in place with special clamps attached to framing pieces. The pipe must be well supported in order to begin repairing it. These pipes can be repaired with putty or thick paste, welding, and even older ones that were sealed with molten lead. If there is a small hole, it can easily be patched with any of these methods but putty is recommended.

Should I Repair or Replace My Pipes?

One of the most common needs for repair of cast-iron pipes is corrosion. Corrosion is caused by the formation of sulphuric acid from concentrations of hydrogen molecules, and it is almost impossible to actually predict when this will happen. Patching pipes can only go so far as there might be damage further in the system. There are instances of corrosion that completely eat through pipes to the point of no repair. In instances like this, the pipe should be replaced.