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Hydro Excavation Applications : Soft Dig

What is Soft Dig Excavation?

soft dig excavation

Soft dig excavation is a method of excavation using tools or equipment that utilize air pressure or water pressure as the direct means to break up soil or earth for removal using a vacuum truck. This type of excavation is low impact and safe for workers, the land, and nearby communities/ It uses minimal equipment and low noise to get work done in a non-destructive environment.

Because soft digging is non-mechanical, it can be precise, especially in the hands of a capable crew with the experience and skill in utilizing this technology. This doesn't mean that it isn't powerful though. Similar to hydro excavation, soft digging stands up to the tough challenges, but does so with delicacy and control.

Soft Digging with Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is the process of removing soil from an area with pressurized water and a vacuum truck. This method is great to safely dig and locate underground utilities. This can be piping systems, fiber optics, telephone lines, or cables. These sensitive lines can easily be damaged with traditional digging methods, so using the soft digging method minimizes the risk of damage.

Soft Dig Methods

hydro excavation

Soft dig excavation is usually done by hydro excavation and a vacuum truck. This is the most effective and safest way to complete the job as it cleans up after itself almost immediately.

Vacuum trucks can also be used to suck up dirt blown away from underground pipes to make the area more tidy and easier to work in. Air excavation is used when water can have a negative chemical reaction on the material being worked on.

vacuum truck

Soft digging can also be done by hand with a shovel when work needs to be done in smaller, fixed areas. It's also good for areas where a traditional excavator could not get in. It allows for surgical precision so digging is completed without damage to neighborhood trees or landscaping. It can even be performed remotely.

It can also be used in pre-drilling or pre-excavation, to unveil structures and avoid future damage with heavier machinery, to verify where utilities and pipes are.

Benefits of Soft Dig Excavation

There are multiple benefits to using the soft dig method, however, these are just a few of them :

  • Faster

  • Cost-effective

  • Increased safety for workers and onlookers

  • Cleaner and quieter than traditional excavation methods

  • Greatly reduces site downtime that is usually caused by traditional excavation methods, allowing businesses to get up and running in a matter of a few hours instead of a few days.

  • Allows utility locators to find the exact location and position of lines

  • Makes it possible to determine the type, condition, and measurements of underground utilities.

  • Enable excavated material to be reused when filling the hole

  • Minimal to zero risk of damaging underground utilities.

Always Hire a Professional

Now that you know more about soft dig excavation, if you are in need of this service or more information. Contact us here at Cloud 9 Services, Inc., 407-481-2750, and one of our soft dig excavation contractors would be happy to assist you.

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