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Laser Profiling - Avalon Rd, Winter Garden FL

Cloud 9 Services, LLC was called upon by Eden Site to do a laser profiling inspection of 3 pipelines in the Winter Garden area. Utilizing our v-53 camera van our camera scope was able to crawl the length of the pipe and laser profile the pipeline to determine how round the pipe was and if there was any damage that needs to be addressed. After the laser profiling inspection the lines were cleaned out utilizing our v-48 jet vac as well to ensure the lines were free of debris and gunk, to prevent the lines from future clogging.

Why Use Laser Profiling?

Not only does laser profiling identify existing and potential problems within a pipeline, but it can also be used to collect valuable data. Our video inspection process can capture information relating to :

  • The length and diameter of the pipeline

  • The capacity of the pipe

  • How round the pipe in question is

  • Water levels within the pipe

  • The presence of holes and other defects

  • Size of laterals

  • Existence of off-set joints

  • Other crucial data

Laser profiling technology is capable of detecting a wide variety of different problems that could exist within your pipelines. When you turn to us here at Cloud 9 Services, LLC for your laser profiling inspection needs, we'll be able to give you a comprehensive report on everything we locate. If our technicians suspect that there is a possible issue within the pipeline, they will provide you with solutions on how to proceed in rectifying them or how to prevent them from getting worse. In most cases we can also provide you with those additional repair services your pipeline may need. If you would like to schedule this or any of our other services please contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our laser profiling inspection experts would be happy to help you.

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