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Lift Station Maintenance - The Pointe at Central

Cloud 9 Services, LLC was called upon by The Pointe at Central student apartments in order to clean and service the lift station located on-site. Utilizing our v-55 jet vac truck we were able to suck away the accumulated waste in order to lower the wastewater level inside the tank.

This allows for more to continuously flow into the tank and prevents the tank from overflowing. The station was also overrun by plant-life and pebbles which infiltrated the system. These needed to be cleaned up prior to cleaning the station, so it's always important to have proper maintenance done to keep these outlier factors from clogging the tank as well.

These measures are not only important in the sense that it keeps the wastewater flowing correctly inside the system, but it also keeps the system from becoming clogged or overflowing causing unsanitary, foul smelling puddles from forming. If that happens it would be a major health issue that would need to be handled immediately. To ensure this doesn't happen lift stations need to be cleaned at least once a year, if not more depending on various factors. The contract we have with this client states we do a monthly cleanout and maintenance of their lift station in order to keep it running properly and up to code. Our technicians are able to consult with you about what kind of maintenance plan your specific lift station will need.

The experts at Cloud 9 Services are here for all your lift station needs whether it be routine cleanings, maintenance, installation, or repairs we handle it all. We also have the ability to establish lift station maintenance contracts with our clients, like the one mentioned previously for this property, this ensures that your lift station will always be taken care of and by professionals who already know the ins and outs of your lift station. Lift station emergencies are hard to predict as well, that's why we here at Cloud 9 Services are available 24/7 nights and weekends to take care of those emergencies whenever they arise. If you would like to schedule a lift station service or talk to one of our lift station contractors contact us, 407-481-2750, and we would be happy to assist you.

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