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Lift Stations : Submersible Wet Well Systems vs Wet/Dry Well Systems

What is the difference between a submersible wet well and wet/dry well system?

dry/wet well system

The two generic types of lift station designs are we and dry/wet well. The wet/dry well uses a wet well or pit to collect wastewater and a companion dry well which contains the pumps, controls, and related equipment.

The submersible wet well on the other hand uses one well as opposed to two, with a submersible solids-handling pump which was designed to operate under water with an opening submerged inlet. All system components are installed in or contiguous to the single wet well.

Both systems are comparable, but you would need to discuss with a professional to see which system would work for the area that it would be installed in.

Optimal Pump Scheduling for Urban Drainage under Variable Flow Conditions. Resources 2018

Need a lift station installed?

At Cloud 9 Services, Inc. we are a Florida State certified underground utility contractor and we are experienced with lift station installations. Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Lift station installation is necessary in areas where the sewage must be raised to meet the main sewer line. The pumps of your lift station will work to lift the sewage and send it on its way to be treated. We install both wet/dry well systems and submersible wet well stations and can advise you on the best type of lift station to meet the requirements of the area.

We provide lift station installation services for both commercial and residential clients in the Central Florida area. We supply businesses and municipalities with lift station services and have an excellent service record. We can also help you find a solution for a smaller residential need. If you are in need of a lift station installation or want more information about lift stations, please call us 407-481-2750, and one of our lift station installation contractors would be happy to assist you.

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