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Pipe Relining Technique : QuickLock Point Repair

What is QuickLock Point Repair?

A QuickLock point repair is one of several options used to fix a damaged pipeline. A major benefit is no excavation is needed using this trenchless technology. A QuickLock point pipe repair is the newest and most trusted method used to rehabilitate any kind of pipeline and can be installed with flow present.

The QuickLock point repair system is constructed of a 316L stainless steel structural body covered by a seamless EDPM compression seal. QuickLock sleeves can be installed with flow present due to the fact that the packer is hollow, allowing for the flow to pass through. Also, the process can be completed with no cure time because no resin is involved in the process.

Through the manholes, the sleeve is inserted into the pipe and delivered to the damaged section. The sleeve is mechanically compressed against the inner pipe wall. Using an inflatable packer, the sleeve is then expanded and permanently locked into position.

QuickLock Point Repair Process :

At Cloud 9 Services we use a 3-step process to complete this trenchless pipe repair :

First - The lines are evaluated with our CCTV video pipe inspection camera to determine what's needed to resolve the problem and assess if the pipe meets our minimum engineering requirements to accept a new QuickLock point repair system.

Second - We thoroughly clean the lines using our hydro excavation techniques, which utilize a high-pressure water jetter to dislodge the gunk and debris located inside the pipe and then our vacuum truck sucks it up out of the way.

Third - We pull the QuickLock sleeve in place and inflate the packer to install the sleeve. The end result is the creation of a smooth and seamless "pipe within a pipe."

Benefits of QuickLock Point Repair :

The new pipe created by the QuickLock point repair has multiple benefits to the previous pipe, these are just a few :

  • Roots cannot penetrate the new "jointless" pipe.

  • Augments structural strength and integrity of deformed damaged pipe.

  • In most cases the process in done underground, which means landscape, hardscape, concrete, and floors remain undisturbed.

QuickLock Point Repair Applicable Applications :

As mentioned previously, before the job can be done we need to determine whether this process is applicable to the repair job in question. Here are a few applicable applications in which QuickLock point repair is the correct solution to your problem :

  • Municipal sewage lines.

  • Well and potable water piping systems.

  • Leaking and/or offset joints.

  • Roots intrusion.

  • Holes, longitudinal, and circumferential cracks.

  • Restore structural integrity of pipe prior to lining.

QuickLock Point Repair Non-Applicable Applications :

Here are a few non-applicable applications in which QuickLock point repair cannot be used as a solution to your problem :

  • Fixing collapsing pipes.

  • Pipes with inner pressure above 220 psi.

  • Industrial sewage (except when corrosion levels have been inspected)

Always Hire a Professional

Perhaps the strongest aspect Cloud 9 Services, Inc. brings to its customers is the diversity of pipeline rehabilitation. While we do focus on QuickLock point repairs, we are committed to a full system renewal. We have the capabilities for cleaning the pipeline, CCTV video inspections, sliplining, lateral rehabilitation, hydro excavation, and more! Also, if for some reason your issue does not meet the applicable requirements for QuickLock point repair, we have other trenchless pipe repair services that we can offer you as well, which can be discussed at the time of your video pipe inspection.

If you have any questions about QuickLock point repair or any other service we offer, or if you would like to schedule a service, contact us today 407-481-2750, and one of our QuickLock point repair technicians would be happy to assist you.

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