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Top 7 Vacuum Excavation Companies in Florida

Vacuum excavation, also known as "soft dig," is a non-mechanical and less invasive method of excavation. A blast of air or water is first directed into the dig site to loosen soil and break up any large materials. Vacuum excavation reduces the need for manual hand digging or abrasive excavation methods, which lessen the associated health risks for workers on site. Since vacuum excavation technology is low-impact and non-destructive, it's gaining popularity as the preferred method of excavation for many industries. In this list, we will discuss the top vacuum excavation companies in Florida.

1. Cloud 9 Services, LLC - Orlando, FL

We here at Cloud 9 Services, LLC utilize both hydro excavation and vacuum excavation to expose your underground utilities. First, test holes, usually 6 to 12 inches deep, are made along the line where they plan to dig or begin construction. Then, we utilize the high-pressurized water sprayed from the hydro excavation truck to loosen the soil around the excavation site. Finally, the vacuum excavator truck is used to suck up the displaced dirt and rock. Once the lines have been accurately located, accumulated wet or dry soil, which was removed during the digging process, can be replaced as backfill. This method is not only useful in locating utilities but also directional drilling, slot trenching, daylighting, coring, and potholing. If you are in need of this service or would like more information please contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our vacuum excavation contractors would be happy to assist you.

2. Meeks Plumbing, Inc. - Vero Beach, FL

In various cases, it is necessary to perform hydro excavation especially when attempting to remove a large area of dirt where cables, fiber optics, gas lines, and other lines cross and intersect. At Meeks Plumbing, Inc. we use hydro excavation in the process of extracting dirt, water, and debris by using a Vac-Con machine. These non-destructive hydraulic excavating machines use pressurized water and a vacuum system to dig precisely and make visual identification of existing underground utilities. We have the necessary equipment and experienced personnel to perform hydro excavation when needed.

3. A to Z Statewide Plumbing - Miami, FL

A to Z Statewide Plumbing is a full service commercial plumbing company that specializes in vacuum truck services, hydrovac & hydro excavation services. We own and operate a fleet of vacuum trucks to remove liquids, sludges, and/or solids from a wide variety of sites. Our vacuum trucks can transport waste directly to appropriate disposal facilities or transfers waste to vacuum boxes, tanks, or other containers for temporary storage on site or off site at an A to Z service center. Our highly trained team takes the guess work out of the equation to provide fast results with limited exposure to your company.

4. Bay Area Environmental Services, Inc. - Sarasota, FL

Bay Area Environmental Services, Inc. utilizes the latest and most advanced soft dig excavation equipment. Depending on the application, the process uses either pressurized air or water and a powerful vacuum system to simultaneously break up and excavate the soil around any underground components that might otherwise be damaged by conventional digging. We are a family operated business with the same employees for over 30 years. We also ensure that every project is safe, efficient, and affordable.

5. Clearsite Industrial - Tampa, FL

For utility companies, engineering, and construction companies, as well as environmental remediation firms, determining the presence, or absence of underground utilities dramatically reduces the chances of errors or incidents on a job site. With Clearsite Industrial's vacuum excavation rigs, customers experience the safest process and have the option of air or hydro capability -- all on a single rig. So, regardless of your site requirements and scope of work, we provide you with a solution that maximizes safety and flexibility.

6. Earth Tech Drilling - Pompano Beach, FL

Our crews are highly trained, skilled technicians with experience locating underground electricity, gas, water, and wastewater facilities. To ensure the highest level of service to each client, Earth Tech Drilling assigns a dedicated Project Manager to oversee daily operations of the contract and ensure that all tasks are performed to the highest standards of accuracy, safety, and responsiveness. Each field crew is equipped with all necessary equipment to respond to tasks immediately, including all locating and marking equipment and cell phones.

7. All Florida Septic - Orlando, FL

Vacuum cleaning is an ideal method for removing the dirt and other debris that can build up and result in partial or complete interruption of water flow. At All Florida Septic our vacuum trucks, jetter hoses, and nozzles are able to take on your property's needs. We are family owned and operated, with over 20 years of experience and a full commitment to service. Our team takes great pride in what they do through all phases of every job. Our mission is to listen to the needs of our customers and to take care of them, providing excellent services at affordable prices they can appreciate.

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