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Top 10 Advantages of CIPP Lining

CIPP lining stands for cured in place pipelining. It is a method of trenchless restoration used in the repairing of existing pipes. In no particular order, we are listing ten advantages of getting CIPP lining for fixing broken or old pipe systems.

10. Cost-Effective Compared to Traditional Pipe Repair

CIPP lining cost less than traditional digging for pipe repair because there is minimal workers, equipment, and time spent on each project when compared.

9. Can Make Pipes Last 50+ Years

The epoxy used to make the new lining of the pipes is very strong. It's resistant to rotting and corrosion. If maintained over time, they can last up to 100 years.

8. Resistant to Root Intrusion

Since the epoxy is thick and strong, roots cannot penetrate the material. This is super beneficial for areas with nearby woods that constantly have this problem. Their pipe systems will last a lot longer.

7. Fix One Section At a Time

If there is a small section of the pipe that is damaged, it can be fixed without disturbing the rest of the system.

6. No Need to Redo Entire Pipe System to Fix

With traditional methods, there's not a safe way to repair a small section of pipe without affecting the entire system. With CIPP, there is no damage to the surrounding pipes or land.

5. Better Flow Efficiency

CIPP liner is smooth and durable. It allows for liquids and minor solids to get through the pipes with ease. The debris doesn't have anything to get stuck onto or get slowed down by.

4. Completely Trenchless

CIPP lining can be done anywhere. It involves no extreme digging and does not disrupt the environment around the project.

3. Minimal Equipment and Workers Needed

For the job of pipe repair, a large group of workers is not needed. No large equipment is needed either! The job can be completed by about 2 workers and very quickly.

2. Less Noisey Digging Options

The equipment needed for CIPP lining does not take up a lot of space. There are also about 3 machines that are needed. With a small number of workers at these sites, there aren't

yelling disturbing the area.

1. Very Quick Process

The CIPP process lasts about 2-2.5 hours. The time depends on how extensive the project is and what it requires. CIPP is usually used to quickly fix problem areas in a pipe system.

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