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How the Costs of Trenchless Pipe Lining Compares to Traditional Pipe Lining

At the end of day, there's really no easy way to deal with pipe damage, or worse, severe pipe failure.

That being said, you don't necessarily need to drain tens of thousands on repairing your home's pipe or sewer lines. With innovative trenchless technologies, digging, and the remedial landscaping that follows, is largely avoided.

Using liquid epoxy resin solutions, trenchless technicians can cure in place entire new sections of pipe within your damaged line, via small or even pre-existing entry points.

The most expensive components of traditional dig and replace pipe repair aren't the materials or tools used, but rather the hard labor, displacement of earth and long hours spent restoring the pipe in question. These extraneous costs are why traditional pipe repair typically costs 25-30% more than cured in place pipe lining, also known as CIPP.

Cost Breakdown : Trenchless vs Traditional :

To put things simply, the equipment and skill required for trenchless pipe repair will usually cost marginally more than traditional dig and replace repairs ($80 - 250 per food as compared to $50 - 250).

The average cost for trenchless pipe repair is typically around $6,000 - $12,000, while traditional repairs are usually between $4,000 - $13,000 (the larger cost range is accounting for manual digging, depth and pipe location).

However, this cost can as much as double when streets, utilities, sidewalks, or driveways lie above the broken pipe. Displacing or restoring these ground-level fixtures can run traditional pipe repair costs as high as $25,000, if not more, for a single job. In these instances, the cost of trenchless remains the same; as the digging portion is no longer necessary, trenchless specialists can fully repair or replace your damaged pipe without unnecessarily digging an inch of soil.

When it comes to pipe repair, the most expensive factors aren't the machinery or materials used but the uprooting, landscaping and lawn damage. So consider these factors carefully when deciding on which method to use.

Pipe Repair Methods and Costs :

Here is a more detailed look at pipe repair methods and the costs associated with them :

  • Traditional, dig and replace pipe repair : $50 - 250 per foot, resulting in roughly $3,000 - $6,000 for small jobs and $5,000 - $13,000 for repairs over 50 feet. Any additional landscaping, road closure, and labor will contribute a great deal to cost.

Trenchless Methods :

  • Pipe Bursting : One of the most common zero-digging, pipe rehabilitation techniques. Pipe bursting costs roughly $50 - 200 per foot, resulting in $3,500 - $20,000 for an entire repair. Bursting is essentially underground pipe replacement and the cost depends on the length and depth of your existing, damaged pipe. Using a cone-shaped bursting head, trenchless experts can typically replace an entire pipe in a single day.

  • Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) : Relining your damaged lateral or sewer pipe will typically cost $80 - 250 per foot, with an average around $160 per foot. For standard sewer lines, repair costs can vary between $4,000 and $20,000, depending on circumstance. In most cases homeowners pay between $6,000 and $12,000 to repair critical sewer connections.

Another factor to consider is how far the contractor has to travel to your location. Not every company offers CIPP repair services, so if the site is a significant distance there is quite a high chance that you will have to add travel expenses to your CIPP costs. This will only be likely if the cost per-foot for the repair job is not enough to cover their time and travel, so they will need to increase the price of the repair to reflect the cost. Since the cure in place pipe lining method is so quick and efficient it usually takes a few hours to complete, so the contractor usually charges for a day rate or travel fees so as to not spend all day on a single client and in turn lose out on money for that day.

  • Small-scale Pipe Lining Applications : For broken pipes below 50 feet in length, lining can typically be completed for around $3,000 - $4,000, again depending on the location and depth of the pipe.

Determining whether pipe bursting or cipp lining is right for you depends on your situation; how deep your pipe is, its location on your property, and how extensive the damages are.

For shallow pipes with no nearby utilities or obstructions, digging through and replacing the pipe manually would likely be more affordable than relining it internally. However, if your damaged pipe runs under your driveway, any larger trees, or sidewalks, trenchless pipe lining could save you as much as $10,000 in repair costs, if not more.

As total repair costs are circumstantial, the first and most important step in finding the right repair for your home or business is contacting a trenchless pipe repair expert in your area to inspect your pipes.

Following a non-intrusive video pipe inspection, you can identify the most affordable repair option for your home or business, and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars in unnecessary landscaping costs.

We here at Cloud 9 Services, Inc. are the leading experts in your area for all your pipe repair, relining, and replacement needs and can help you to solve the problems of your business and help prevent future problems. Call us today, 407-481-275, to schedule your service or get a free quote!

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