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What Causes a Lift Station Emergency?

A lift station emergency is anything that infringes on the systems ability to function properly. Lift stations are vital to a building or facilities plumbing function. Issues like lift station clogs and overflow can cause an emergency plumbing situation. With proper lift station maintenance, these instances can be avoided.

What is a lift station?

Lift stations are facilities designed to move water from lower to higher elevations through pipelines. They are used for pumping wastewater and sewage where elevation is not sufficient for gravity flow. All residential lift stations rely on electricity to get the flow going. Utilities need these systems in order to pump wastewater and sewage through different terrains.

What Causes a Lift Station to Back Up or Clog?

When you flush the toilet, the waste goes through the pipes and into a lift station to be treated. Sometimes, people flush things down the toilet that don't belong like baby wipes, feminine products or even mop head threads. Things like this ultimately clog the system because they cannot breakdown.

When there's a failure with the lift station, an alarm will sound and the process will be completely stopped. Professionals, like Cloud 9 Services, will come out to inspect and correct the problem. Most of the time, the pump will need to be freed of tangled, large, or non-degradable items. After the debris is cleared, the lift station is sprayed with a water hose and the overflowed wastewater is sucked out by a vacuum truck. The result is an unclogged pump and a clean, clear basin.

If you have a lift station emergency and are in need of help, reach out to the professionals here at Cloud 9 Services! We are available for all your lift station needs 24/7 nights and weekends. Contact us, 407-481-2750, to speak with one of our lift station contractors today!

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