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What Does RCP Pipe Stand for?

RCP pipe stands for reinforced concrete pipe. It is the standard material used in storm sewer systems and large irrigation projects to create new systems and provide pipe repair for existing ones. These pipes are very strong, durable, and heavy. They're a great alternative to plastic pipes as they won't melt or crack. RCP pipe's main benefit is it's inherent strength which makes installation and backfilling easier.

Trenching for RCP Pipes

The trenching should be wide enough for at least two pipes. This provides enough room to verify slope and ensure trenching won't impact pipe installation. The pipe slope is established during trenching and laying bedding material. The bedding should be smooth and debris free. When putting RCP pipes in a trench, pipes should not be supported on their bells as they can be damaged.

Installing RCP Pipes

RCP pipes are large and heavy, they require at least two workers to handle. The pipe is lowered into the trench by a crane and the guided into place. Small piles can be set in place by hand. The spigot of a pipe is inserted into the bell of a pipe within the system and set into place with a crowbar. Some RCP Pipes need it's bell stretched. The device is passed several times through the circumference of the gasket to make sure all pipes are in place. If the pipe is not stretched, it could leak and even split.

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