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What is a Catch Basin Filter?

A catch basin filter is a net-like product attached to a grate to catch dirt, debris, or trash that slips into the drain. This filter prevents drains from getting clogged with excess debris and keep them functioning properly. Catch basin filters can be cleaned and used over again.

Keeping a Catch Basin Clean

Catch basins are relatively easy to keep clean. Keeping up a routine of tidying up around storm drains will minimize the amount of debris that can enter. Since most of these foreign objects get swept in by rainwater, making sure the drain is clear before a storm minimizes clog risks. After a rain shower, clearing the drain of leaves covering the holes can also let surrounding water in so there is no overflow or large puddles around the drain.

What Are Catch Basin Filters Made Of?

Catch basin filters are easy to install since they come pre-assembled. They are usually made of polypropylene fabric which allows excellent filtration. This fabric is resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkaline, and acids. They are also very strong, being able to hold up to 40 pounds of debris. If a catch basin is in a busy area or one surrounded by a lot of plant life, investing in a filter is a smart choice.

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