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What is Laser Profiling for Pipe Inspection?

Using laser profiling technology gives inspection crews the ability to analyze the ovality, alignment, diameter, and capacity of a pipe using a projected laser light. The profiler projects a ring of light on the pipe wall and then the software extracts the profile from the camera and video and trends it over the length of the pipe to build a geometric profile. The captured profile data is readily analyzed to verify proper pipe installation, plan relining projects, determine remaining pipe lift, monitor erosion/corrosion, quantify defects and analyze partial collapses.

Laser profiling is widely used as a quality control criterion for new pipe installations. State departments of transportation, such as the Florida DOT, mandates contractors to use laser profiling to inspect the installation of new culverts under highways before they complete the project.

Laser Profiling Applications

Laser profiling applications also include measuring pipes scheduled for rehabilitation, as these measurements can show contractors where pipes are undersized of oversized. With typical CCTV video pipe inspection, old pipes are visually inspected and engineers often estimate pipe distortion. A laser profile provides more detailed information about a pipe's circumferential profile, allowing for a more accurate pipe liner design.

Benefits of Laser Profiling

There are numerous reasons laser profiling is an advantageous way to check pipelines and also gather important information. First, this procedure is minimally intrusive as well as does not need you to destroy pipelines or surrounding landscape design to gather information concerning the condition of a pipeline. Secondly, this process is extremely effective. Lastly, this process allows us to provide you with the documentation you need to make confident decisions about repairing or replacing an existing pipeline.

Is laser profiling worth it?

The simple and short answer is yea, it's completely worth it. The process eliminates the guesswork out of determining the condition of the pipes being inspected and allows us to give you a detailed plan of action in order to go about fixing you pipe problem.

If you believe there's a problem with a sewer pipeline at your location, don't hesitate to contact Cloud 9 Services, Inc., 407-481-2750. Our laser profiling contractors are ready to answer any of your questions or schedule you a laser profiling inspection. Our team is available to you 24/7 nights and weekends.

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