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Residential Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Residential storm drain cleaning is crucial to preventing floods in your neighborhood. Catch basins and other drainage systems can become clogged with trash or by branches and leaves after stormy days. Residents can come together to create an outdoor drain cleaning routine so that the drain is always clear of debris and working properly. However, when it comes to cleaning the inside, a professional team with a vacuum truck is best.

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What is a Storm Drain?

A storm drain is an important part of your home drainage system. They fulfill important tasks of preventing flooding and rain water from accumulating on flat surfaces such as your driveway and garage. This prevents costly water damage to your foundation and other parts of your property. Storm drains consist of angled inlet that water drains into. A large metal grate is responsible for preventing foreign objects from clogging up the drain pipe.

Residential Storm Drain Cleaning Process :

It is important to get you storm drains cleaned regularly to prevent costly expenses down the road by waiting to long. Residential storm drains should be cleaned at least once a year if not more depending on the frequency of dirt and debris in the area. 

Video Inspection Services


It is important to get an inspection done first to find the root of the problem so it doesn't wind up being a costly expense treating the wrong problem. Video inspection is the most common diagnostic option as it is easy, efficient and a minimally invasive process.

Jet Vac Services

One of our specialties is cleaning storm lines, using what is referred to as jet vac cleaning. Our high-powered vacuum trucks can remove excess rain water, leaves, and other debris from residential storm drain systems to keep the storm line free from build-up and ready to handle anything the weather might throw at it. Sewer lines should also be cleaned regularly -- we offer this service to increase the flow and prevent sewer system failures.

Hydro Excavating Services


With hydro excavation, special equipment is used to spray pressurized water to remove the blockages and clear the drain lines for optimal flow. It is one of the most effective and minimally invasive ways of cleaning out your residential storm drains and clear away built up debris.

Preventing Storm Water Pollution

Preventative maintenance for your residential storm drain cleaning can be accomplished by simply making sure that the areas around your neighborhood are cleaned regularly. In addition to clogging, storm drains, garbage, debris and other pollutants that get carried into the drains eventually end up in fresh water supplies. It is important to remember that storm water that gets dumped into rivers and lakes is not treated, and that storm water runoff is a major cause of pollution and environmental degradation.

You can protect your storm drain lines and protect the environment by making sure waste and contaminants don't enter the storm drains around your home. In addition to cleaning up debris and litter around your neighborhood, you should schedule a regular storm drain cleaning with one of our qualified residential plumbers.

How to Maintain a Residential Storm Drain

Storm drains should be cleaned at least once a year, before the rainy season, for regular maintenance. Residential storm drain cleaning falls onto the property owner to maintain, but there are a few things that can be done to help with stormwater drains to prevent frequent maintenance calls :

  • Clean up any grass clippings, leaves, dirt, or fertilizer left on driveways and sidewalks after performing yard work. Housing or blowing these materials into the street end up in the storm drain and eventually into local waterways.

  • Don't dump chemicals, motor oil, pet waste, empty bottles or cans, soapy water, or other liquids or solids down a storm drain.

  • Contact a professional if you notice standing water near a storm drain after rainfall, or if you notice a clogged or damaged storm drain.

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