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Sinkhole Prevention
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Why choose CLOUD 9 SERVICES?

Sinkhole Prevention Services

No matter where a sinkhole happens, bad things can occur. Sinkholes can occur near storm drains or buried sewer lines, either because of poorly compacted soil or because of a leaking underground pipe. The poorly compacted soil settles over several years, causing a hole or shallow, linear trench on the ground surface. 

Luckily Cloud 9 Services, LLC is here to help prevent these sinkholes from forming on your commercial property or business.

Utilizing our video pipe inspection services our technicians can help determine if there are any storm drain or sewer line pipe issues, give you a detailed breakdown of how to fix any issues spotted, schedule the repair or cleanout services needed to maintain a health system, and if there is already a sinkhole formed we can help still help repair the pipe or drain line to prevent it from getting worse. Contact us at 407-481-2750 and talk with our team of professionals to see how we can help you today.

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Storm Drain Cleaning Services

Storm drains are strategically placed around roads, properties and parking lots. Keeping them clean will help control storm water from flooding the streets.

Video Pipe Inspection Services

Video Pipe Inspections allows us to determine the root of the plumbing problems. With-in a few moments we will be able to know everything need to fix your problem. 

What Causes Sinkholes To Occur?

Sinkholes are caused when the surrounding soil becomes oversaturated and the earth collapses. This can occur around storm water drains, as well as sewer lines, when there are leaks in the pipe or culvert. The leaks can happen when the structure begins to deteriorate, is cracked or broken. The material that is used to seal the pipes can weaken over time, allowing storm or sewer water to enter the surrounding soil. If these systems aren't closely monitored, the leak can start small and can cause damage for a while before it's noticed. This is also why it's important to get regular checks on your storm drain and sewer line systems at least once a year, if not more, in order to maintain the health of the pipes,  but also keep things like this from occurring. Old or deteriorating joints aren't the only way that a drain can begin to leak. The soil around the storm water can drain or settle, causing a problem. If the earth around the drain sinks, the pipe can shift, breaking joints or causing the drain to crack. 

A sinkhole can quickly develop or it can take a long amount of time depending on a wide variety of factors. The amount of water that flows through these systems is the biggest factor, but the number, size, and location of the leaks can also play a role. In Florida especially since rain occurs so often it's important to maintain close vigilance in order to keep these holes from forming. Large holes or cracks could appear in a drain or sewer line, but they could go undetected until a large amount of water flows through and leaks into the surrounding soil. 

What causes a sinkhole

What Can You Do to Keep A Sinkhole From Forming?

While sinkholes are a natural occurrence that happen over time based on a variety of factors, there are a few things you can do to help keep sinkholes from forming for a long amount of time. The biggest thing you as a commercial property or business can do is to properly maintain the health of the storm drains and sewer lines located on your property. Some factors to look out for are :

  • Whether the storm drains are draining water properly when heavy rains occur.

  • If you see puddles of foul smelling water forming in your grass.

  • Toilet backups.

  • Pooling water in parking lots.

  • Trash or debris piling up around storm drain grate.

  • Brown or extra lush looking grass. 

  • And more!

Any one of these or a combination could indicate that there is a problem with your storm drain or sewer line. If any of these issues occur we here at Cloud 9 Services, LLC are here to help. Our video pipe inspection service can help determine what pipe issues are occurring on the inside. We can give you a comprehensive breakdown on how to fix any of the issues that are discovered and give you a copy of the video inspection as well so you can see what problems occur with your own eyes. As well as set up any repair or cleanout services that your systems may need as well. If you would like to schedule any of these services please contact us, 407-481-2750, and one of our contractors would be happy to assist you.  

While Cloud 9 Services, LLC is your one stop shop for all your sinkhole prevention needs. Our services do not include fixing the asphalt itself. After the problems that made the sinkhole appear in the first place are fixed, you would need to contact a local asphalt repair company in order to fix the damage done.

Hire a Professional Sinkhole Repair Company Today!

At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are equipped to handle all your sinkhole prevention needs.

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends


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