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One of the most important investments you will make in a lifetime is either buying a home or starting a business. The last thing you ever want to experience is exposing the property’s structure to potential risk if neglected. If the warning signs are not properly monitored an Orlando sinkhole repair will be needed.  Luckily you can count on the knowledgeable & certified foundation repair specialist at Cloud 9 Services, LLC for all your Orlando sink hole repair needs.

In the surrounding Orlando Florida area major foundation problems can occur under any structure regardless of the terrain. The sub-structure is a geologically weak limestone which presents many problems.

The limestone underneath plays a major role in supporting your business or home’s foundation, and overtime is weakened by the tropical climate. Natural elements from rain and other ground water finds it way to the limestone. Once this happens, the sub-structure is jeopardized and becomes eroded. You will need to act fast when this warning sign first appears. If you're in need of a sinkhole repair company, Cloud 9 Services LLC is here for you. Call now, 407-481-2750, and get a free estimate!

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What is a "sinkhole"?

A sinkhole is an area of ground that has no natural external surface drainage-- when it rains, the water stays inside the sinkhole and typically drains into the subsurface. Sinkholes can vary from a few feet to hundreds of acres and from less than 1 to more than 100 feet deep. Some are shaped like shallow bowls or saucers whereas others have vertical walls; some hold water and form natural ponds. 

Typically sinkholes form so slowly that little change is noticeable, but they can form suddenly when a collapse occurs. Such a collapse can have a dramatic effect if it occurs in an urban setting. Many of central and north Florida's lakes are actually the result of old sinkholes.

what is a sinkhole

The 3 Major Types of Sinkholes :

Since Florida is prone to sinkholes, it is necessary to discuss some different types of sinkholes and the geological and hydrologic processes that form from them. The process of dissolution, where surface rock that are soluble to weak acids, are dissolved, and suffusion, where cavities for below the land surface, are responsible for virtually all sinkholes in Florida.​

  • Solution or Dissolution sinkholes :

    • Form where water dissolves limestone under a soil covering. Dissolution enlarges natural openings in the rock such as joints, fractures and bedding planes. Soil settles down into the enlarged openings forming a small depression at the ground surface.

types of sinkholes

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  • Cover-subsidence Sinkholes :​

    • Cover-subsidence sinkholes form where voids in the underlying limestone allow for more setting of the soil to create a larger surface depressions.​

types of sinkholes

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  • Cover-collapse Sinkholes : ​​

    • Cover-collapse sinkholes or "dropouts" form where so much soil settles down into voids in the limestone that the ground surface collapses. The surface collapses can also form when man changes the natural water drainage patters in karst areas.​

types of sinkholes

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Hire a Professional Sinkhole Repair Company Today!

At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are equipped to handle all your sinkhole repair needs.

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends


sinkhole repair services
why do sinkholes happen

Why do sinkholes happen?

Sinkholes can be triggered by human activities such as  :

  • Over withdrawal of groundwater.

  • Diverting surface water from a large area and concentrating it in a single point. 

  • Artificially creating ponds of surface water.

  • Drilling new water wells.

Sinkhole Warning Signs :

A rapid sinkhole caused by well drilling or other sudden alterations to the terrain may not give any warning signs. Otherwise, the collapse process usually occurs gradually enough that a person may leave the affected area safely. The final breakthrough can develop over a period of a few minutes to a few hours.

Some warning signs of a naturally occurring sinkhole include :

  • Leaning fences or trees

  • Cracks in structures over a forming sinkhole

  • Suspicious dying of plants and vegetation

  • Doors and windows not closing properly


There are many other causes of localized ground settlement and vegetation stress, and depressed areas are not necessarily indications of an imminent sinkhole. However, for all sinkhole repair needs from diagnosis to actual repair Cloud 9 Services LLC is here for you. Call us today, 407-481-2750, to get a free estimate!

what causes sinkholes

What causes sinkholes?

Acids and underground water slowly dissolves the limestone bedrock below the ground’s surface. If there has been a drought in the area, layers of clay and soil dry out and are no longer able to support the weight of structures above.


This is one way to cause a gradual collapse. In instances where the sinkhole may sprout suddenly, a pipe may burst and erode the rocks, mud, and soil. The weight of anything on top of the soft soil falls into the hole. It is possible to have more than one sinkhole opened up in the same area.


If there was a sinkhole in a location in the past, it is very likely another will form and reopen in that same spot.

what are some ways to repair a sinkhole

Sinkhole Repair Methods :

There are a few ways sinkholes can be repaired. Certain methods out there tailor specifically to the type of sinkhole you may be experiencing. 


  • Compaction grouting :

    • is a common method where a type of concrete is used to stabilize a structure above a forming hole and seal any cracks below. Workers use a grout map to show grout point locations which are then marked by a pin. Grout is pumped into the ground to fill gaps but the material does not mix with the soil or limestone. 

  • Chemical grouting :

    • is a process used for stabilization and ensuring density. It fixes loose soil, base and sub-base, within the first ten feet underground. Machines inject polyurethane into the depths below the slab of earth to fill in holes or weak spots giving them support and strength.

  • Underpinning :

    • involves drilling metal piers called underpins into the ground and embedding them. They support the above structure by transferring weight to the pins. This method can repair newly damaged structures or older buildings that have settled from previous sinkhole activity.

Hire a Professional Sinkhole Repair Company Today!

At Cloud 9 Services, LLC we are equipped to handle all your sinkhole repair needs.

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends


sinkhole repair services

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