Sinkhole Repair Methods

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sinkhole repair methods

Sinkhole Repair Methods 

Weather events in regions with rain and floods have caused an extreme amount of sinkhole issues. When initiating a sinkhole repair, the objective is to prevent further movement of loose material and remove the triggering mechanism that caused the sinkhole.

Repair Methods vary depending on the economics and location of the sinkhole. Many sinkhole remediation options can be costly and time-intensive – requiring the use of heavy machinery, a wide range of repair materials, and much manpower.

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Causes of a Sinkhole

Sinkholes can be natural or man-made. Natural sinkholes occur due to erosion or underground water. They develop long before they actually appear, as the water continuously erodes the rocks and minerals underground. The flow of water can increase to a point where it washes away the underground structure of the land and when the structure becomes too weak to support the surface of the earth, it collapses and opens up a hole. This is how sinkholes are formed. 

Man-made sinkholes come about from activities like drilling, mining, construction, broken water or drain pipes, improperly compacted soil after excavation work or even heavy traffic can result in small to large sinkholes. Water coming from a broken pipe can penetrate through mud and rocks, causing the ground underneath to erode and result in a sinkhole. Sometimes, heavy weight on soft soil can also collapse the ground, thus resulting in a sinkhole. Sinkholes can also form when the surface of the land is changed.

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Sinkhole Repair Methods  :

There are a few ways sinkholes can be repaired. Certain methods out there tailor specifically to the type of sinkhole you may be experiencing.

  • Compaction Grouting Process : 

    • Grouting is a method of sinkhole repair or remediation in which grout, a form of concrete mixture using water, cement, and sand, is pumped under or into the ground. The purpose of the grout injection program is to grout within and along the top surface of the limestone around the property to restrict and/or seal breaches in the surface of the limestone that connect the soils, that overlie the rock surface, to suspected cavernous bedrock zones. This reduces the potential for future subsoil reveling and migration. This strategy is intended for sinkholes that are caused due to an issue within the bedrock layers as opposed to the chemical grouting process, which focuses on stabilizing loose soil near the surface.

sinkhole repair methods cloud 9 services
  • Chemical Grouting Process:

    • The chemical grouting process is designed for stabilization and densification of loose base and sub-base soils within the first ten feet beneath the property. The work will consist of furnishing all labor equipment and materials required to inject polyurethane material to depths no greater than 10 feet below the base of the slab on grade. The procedure is intended to stabilize the near surface soils by densification and/or infilling.

sinkhole repair methods cloud 9 services
  • Underpinning :​​

    • ​Underpinning is a method of subsurface repair in which metal piers, called underpins, are driven into the ground and embedded in the earth. Underpinning can repair structures that have been damaged or have settled from sinkhole activity, buried organics, shrinking/swelling clay, etc. Underpinning supports the foundation of a structure by transferring the weight of the structure from the foundation, through unstable soils, to a more stable material below. Once the underpins are secured, they are then attached to the structure with brackets. Underpins are usually installed around the perimeter of the structure at set intervals determined by a certified professional. If needed, underpins can also be placed under the interior of the structure, such as under the interior load bearing walls.

sinkhole repair methods cloud 9 services

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