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Soft Dig Excavation

and Underground Services

Curtis Walker

Soft Dig Excavation and Underground Services | Soft digging is a method of excavation using tools or equipment that utilize air or water pressure as the direct means to break up soil or earth for removal using a vacuum truck. This type of excavation is low impact and safe for workers, the land, and nearby communities. It uses minimal equipment and low noise to get work done in a non-destructive environment.

soft dig excavation
soft digging

Benefits of Soft Digging

When it comes to digging for a project, a soft dig is the safer choice. The job usually uses a few machines such as a pressurized water hose for hydro excavation and a vacuum truck to suck up dirt and mud.


Since there is no heavy equipment and less workers on site, there is a very low risk of injuries or damage that can occur. It’s safer for the surrounding land as no large equipment needs to drive through and ruin lawns or gardens.


By using water to dig, there is no damage to pipes or wires underground. With less workers and machinery, there is less noise and disturbance to the community the job is in.

Methods of Soft Digging

Soft digging is usually done by hydro excavation and a vacuum truck. This is the most effective and safest way to complete the job as it cleans up after itself almost immediately.


Vacuum trucks can also be used to suck up dirt blown away from underground pipes to make the area more tidy and easier to work in. Air excavation is used when water can have a negative chemical reaction on the material being worked on.


Soft digging can also be done by hand with a shovel when work needs to be done in smaller, fixed areas. 

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soft dig excavation
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