Storm Drain Cleaning Services  in Orlando

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Searching for a storm drain cleaning services companies in the Orlando area or just looking for more information on storm drain cleaning services in Orlando. We've got it all here for you, Cloud 9 Services offers both commercial and residential storm drain cleaning and maintenance services.

Storm Drain Cleaning Services in Orlando

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What is a Storm Drain and How to Clean Them

To first understand how we operate, you must understand what a storm drain is and how we go about cleaning it. A storm drain is a drain designed specifically for the task of draining excess run off from rain or ground water on street freeways, roofs, sidewalks, and even parking lots. 

The storm drains bring water through an inlet and then there is usually one output that is used as a point of discharge, which runs into a lake, ocean, canal, reservoir, etc. The storm drain is then thoroughly inspected by us to make sure we have gathered enough information to begin with our high powered draining trucks. We remove any gunk or extremities manually and then being the draining process.

Once that is done we pressure wash the inside to get any excess debris off the sides. Since all storm drains should be running at maximum capacity, in order to ensure a proper infrastructural efficiency, we get to the storm drains as fast as possible and drain them. We make sure to be as thorough as possible to ensure maximum efficiency.

Preventing Storm Drains from Clogging in Orlando

Keeping your storm drain or catch basin from clogging is easy and always preventable. Your community can remove debris and trash from the grates before it piles up. Periodically cleaning areas around the drain, such as trimming bushes and raking leaves, is a great preventable measure. Be aware that there will be times when things slip through the grates and un wanted clogging occurs. This is when hiring an experienced team like Cloud 9 Services is needed to keep residential areas from flooding.

storm drain cleaning services orlando
storm drain cleaning services orlando

Who is responsible for storm drains in Orlando

A stormwater drain system is a network of structures and underground pipes that carry stormwater into bodies of water. The stormwater drains consist of both public and private systems. Simply put, stormwater drains play a vital part of the system since it is used for managing the runoff from rainfall and floods. 

Who maintains the storm drains in Orlando?

The county is in charge of maintaining the public storm drainage system. If a system is on a property owned by a separate entity, then they are in charge of its maintenance. There are also some private systems that are the responsibility of private property owners. Storm drains should be cleaned at least once a year, before the rainy season, for regular maintenance. However, there are some things you can do to help with stormwater drains. 

•    Keep stormwater drains clear of debris and litter. 
•    Do not dump garbage near it or rake leaves into it. 
•    Don’t dump any type of chemicals or oil into or near the stormwater drain. 

Searching for storm drain cleaning companies or more information about getting your storm drains cleaned, please contact us at Cloud 9 Services, LLC, and one of our storm drain cleaning experts will be happy to assist you.

How often should storm drains be cleaned in Orlando?

We recommend cleaning out storm drains once a year. Unlike water that goes down the drains of your home or office, the water in catch basins does no undergo a filtration process before reaching local lakes and streams. Therefore, it's really important to keep these clean and free from contamination. You can do your part by never tossing trash or other hazardous materials into a storm drain. These issues become especially prevalent during the rainy seasons so if you see any drainage issues be sure to contact us, 407-481-2750, to have on of our storm drain cleaning contractors come out and take a look.

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