Storm Drain Pipe Repair Services

Fully functioning storm drains are essential to preventing flooding and water damage to business structures, parking areas, streets, and sidewalks. When a storm drain pipe cracks or breaks, the leaking water penetrates and saturates the surrounding soil, which ultimately leads to water build up that floods basements, roads, parking areas and even ground-level businesses and office structures. In the past, the only option was to dig up the broken storm drain and replace it. The cost of excavation was compounded by the cost of restoring structures and landscaping damaged during the digging, leading to a long and expensive repair.

Storm Drain Pipe Repair

CIPP lining, or cured in place pipe lining, is a method of pipe restoration used in existing storm drain pipe repair. This process is done to preserve current pipes that have been damaged by leaks, cracks, intruding roots, and rust. It increases the lifespan of a pipe system while also possibly preserving the building structure causing little to no damage to property.

Pipe Maintenance, Repair & Installation Services – At Cloud 9 Services Inc., we are experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing pipes. Pipes are extremely versatile and complex systems. Because of this, you will want to hire a storm drain pipe repair company that knows what they are doing. We are a licensed and certified contractor, and all of our employees have experience working on pipes. The next time you run into a problem with your pipes, you can’t go wrong with working with us at Cloud 9 Services Inc.!

What is Storm Drain CIPP Lining?

Corrugated storm drains eventually corrode, and concrete storm drains crack and collapse over time. The end result is the same – sand infiltration, erosion, and ultimately settlement or sinkhole formation. This result endangers buildings, roads, homes, and other structures. Also, ordinary storm flow is interrupted which causes flooding. The trenchless pipe lining or sewer pipe lining is a preferred method used for various pipeline systems, including cast iron pipes, abs, PVC, HDPE, clay, Orangeburg, metal, and/or concrete pipes. Cloud 9 Services Inc. is a leader in the Orlando, Florida area providing its customers with cured in place pipe repair, “CIPP.”


If your storm drain is damaged this is where storm drain CIPP lining comes into play. This storm drain pipe lining technique installs a long fabric felt tube saturated with epoxy resin. The lining is pulled into the pipe, inflated, and then cured using hot water or steam. The resulting new inner pipe is designed for load bearing applications such as storm drains located under roads or railways.

Advantages of CIPP in Storm Drains


  • Cost Effective :

    • Replacing pipes is 50% - 70% more expensive than lining them. Lining is a non-invasive process. There is no destruction to buildings or landscape. Reconstruction costs for repiping can be 60% of direct pipe repair costs and storm drain CIPP lining eliminates the need for reconstruction.

  • Eco-friendly :

    • Cloud 9 Services Inc. is proud to use materials that are friendly to the environment to cause as minimal environmental damage as possible.

  • Versatile :

    • Since the lining conforms to the shape of the host pipe, any shape (oval, rectangular, etc.) can be repaired and restored.

  • Durable :

    • The strong epoxy cure coating placed inside the pipe system, provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant and non-corrosive lining. Several coats can be applied to the same pipe, this ensures the system is fully protected and strengthened.

  • Zero Digging :

    • Trenchless pipe repair is the preferred method because it requires zero digging. Since the job is completed without having to excavate the property it will save the commercial property owner time and money.

  • Minimal clean-up :

    • Since the method used is a “zero-digging” method the clean up is made relatively easy and so the process can be done in a short amount of time.

  • Non-destructive :

    • Since roads, railways, and runways are not excavated, traffic flow can continue uninterrupted.

  • Lasts for decades :

    • The powerful coating enhances the longevity of the pipe. On average, a cured in place pipe is made to last up to a 100 years.

Commercial Storm Drain Pipe Repair

Because our primary focus is commercial and industrial locations, we have the right tools to handle large-scale industrial storm drain pipe repairs. Storm drain cured in place pipe lining is one of the most efficient ways to get the job done. The CIPP restoration process involves a trenchless technology. CIPP lining does not need excavation in order to rehabilitate a damaged or broken pipeline. Many times it can be inserted through an existing access point or manhole. 

For storm drain pipe repair. Cloud 9 Services Inc. has the right equipment you need to ensure your commercial and industrial project is completed for long-term results. Our methods are not only cost and time saving, but also low-impact to ensure that a storm drain problem doesn't negatively affect your customers and employees. Call Cloud 9 Services Inc. to get a free quote today and make your storm drain pipe repair woes a thing of the past!


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