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Lift Station Repair Services

Lift Station Maintenance, Repair & Installation Services–


At Cloud 9 Services Inc. in Orlando, Florida, we specialize in lift station maintenance, repairs, and installation. Lift stations are used to lift any type of sewage or wastewater from a building up into a sanitary sewer where the sewage or wastewater is then treated. While these systems are advantageous for many property owners, problems gone unnoticed or not taken care of promptly can quickly turn into a larger sewage issue. In order for our clients to know when they have a problem with their lift station, we are able to offer information and proper care instructions to our clients.

The first bit of advice that we give to our clients with lift stations involves getting to know what type of lift station they have. There are two basic pumps that come with a lift station: a sewage pump and a grinder pump. One problem many property owners encounter is when the sewage pump of their lift station becomes clogged and stops working efficiently. Although grinder pumps are less prone to clogging, clogged lift station pumps are one problem that commercial and industrial property owners should be aware of. If you have a sewage pump as part of your lift station, avoid allowing large solids such as diapers and sanitary napkins to go through this pump. This will prevent large problems from occurring within your lift station.

If you have a lift station, we recommend that you have maintenance performed on your system regularly. If your require lift station maintenance or you encounter a problem that requires lift station repair, the experts at Cloud 9 Services Inc. are available to assist you at any time of the day or night, so contact us anytime.

What is a Lift Station?

A lift station is a pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation when the gradient of the area does not allow for a natural flow. 

There are two main elements to a lift station : the wet well and the controls. The wet well is a basin into which the inflow is discharged and where the pumps sit. The control panel is the brain of the lift station.

How does a lift station work?

Wastewater and sewage is stored and fed into a pit. Once the sewage reaches a certain level, electrical instruments recognize the pit is full and activate the pump, which will then pump the sewage out to its next destination. Most lift stations are housed underground to prevent health risks in a confined area, since the wastewater can release poisonous gases like methane and hydrogen sulfide. Therefore, it is essential that owners of existing lift stations consult a professional, like Cloud 9 Services, to ensure the pump is still working sufficiently.

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At Cloud 9 Services, Inc. we are equipped to handle all your lift station needs.

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Lift Station Installation Services

At Cloud 9 Services, Inc., we have been providing the Central Florida area with excavation services for many years. We are Florida State Certified Underground Utility and Excavation Contractors and are experienced in lift station installation. Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers to ensure complete satisfaction. If your sewer system requires a lift station, call Cloud 9 Services, Inc. today.

Lift station installation is necessary in areas where the sewage must be raised to meet the main sewer line. The pumps of your lift station will work to lift the sewage and send it on its way to be treated. We install both dry and wet well lift stations and can advise you on the best type of lift station to meet the requirements of the area it will serve.

The Lift Station Installation Process

Our team at Cloud 9 Services, Inc. will use hydro-excavation to create a place for your lift station. We will then install the well structure. Next, we will install the components of the lift station, such as the pump and piping. We are experienced in both caisson and tremmie installations of lift stations. We also provide ongoing maintenance for wastewater lift stations to check the control panel, electrical wiring, pumps, valves, and pipes. We respond to emergency calls (we’re available 24/7), and we also offer lift station repairs.

Commercial Lift Station Installation

We provide lift station installation services commercially in the Central Florida area. We supply businesses and municipalities with lift station services and have an excellent service record. Call us at Cloud 9 Services, Inc. for a consultation regarding your lift station installation project.

Lift Station Maintenance Services

Our Technicians are equipped to handle all of the service and repair needs of commercial and residential lift stations.

Our lift station maintenance service include :

  • Clearing of debris

  • Inflow/infiltration assessment

  • Testing of check valves and pressure gauges

  • Float Rising

  • Removal of soap accumulation

  • General Cleaning

  • Testing System cycling

  • Reading accuracy checks

Lift Station Cleaning Services

When change in ground elevation make proper drainage difficult, lift stations keep wastewater flowing correctly. Lift stations, like tanks and pipes, can become clogged from accumulated waste. When this occurs, the tank may begin to overflow and cause unsanitary, foul smelling puddles to form.

How often should you clean your lift stations?

Commercial lift stations may require more frequent cleaning but it is recommended to clean it at least once a year. 

This process can be done by having our jet vac cleaner to dislodge the accumulated waste and our vacuum truck to suck it all away. This leaves your lift station unclogged and ready for continued use. At Cloud 9 Services we are quipped to handle all your lift station cleaning needs.

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At Cloud 9 Services, Inc. we are equipped to handle all your lift station needs.

If you are in need of a service please give us a call, we are here 24/7 Nights and Weekends



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